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Kim Jongin/ Kai/ kaikai Born: January 14, 1994 I mean need I say anything for this guy? Like just look at him he's ugh!!! You know just ugh!!! You know?!?!!?
Just look at that smile..... o.o I'd die if he briefly smiled at me... look at that sweat from dancing ugh!!!!
I'd crop myself here if I knew how I was so jealous watching this
this dancer moves are going to kill me x.x
his stares his moves his eyes I'm going to melt ^^
his double wink xD >.<
Need I say more???? No I don't think I do I'll just let you guys look at him more 1 more week exactly guys!!#!! I can't breathe Doing Playboy as a card tomorrow o.o cuz I'm going to kill you guys everyday
means you get to be closer though no? @ElleHolley D.O still looks like a child to me even though he's older... he just idk I don't dislike just not my type lol
@ElleHolley @MissyKim thank you last I said that I was flooded with some hate mail and rude comments
ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I died and revived so many times I lost count!!!
just take me now Lord. I can't handle Kai...like seriously lol. I almost missed my papers deadline when I saw the notification for Kai's card. (don't worry I made it on time) He's truly a bias wrecker
@MissyKim Thank you
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