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Summary: Not your typical flower shop AU

Member: Chanyeol X Reader (Babydoll)

Type: Action, Angst, Fluff

Length: 1,853 words

You weren’t sure whether or not you simply didn’t want to hear what else your father had to say or if you were simply terrified at the sudden truth emerging from the other line of the telephone. However, the only thing you did know was that everything was too overwhelming at the time being and you needed to slam the phone back on the receiver to take a step back, attempting to calm your racing heartbeat as you thought of every single moment you had trusted Chanyeol. He had taken away the necklace your father had given you, he had told you to not call your father, he made you get a makeover so no one would recognize you. A bitter and cold feeling of ice settled in the pit of your stomach as you felt the need to vomit - everything that you once thought was true and trusted was wrong, you had been completely brainwashed by the man you not only relied on for your life, but you loved. The mere idea of returning to him and acting as though everything was okay when it wasn’t was sickening to you, and you had to hold in your tears as you noticed that you had taken a lot longer than what was normal. You slowly inahled and exhaled before gathering yourself once more and carefully emerging from the hallway and into the lobby, immediately noticing that Chanyeol was propped up against a pillar, a smile on his face as he was watching you walk over to him the entire time. You faked a smile as you felt weak in your knees and took his offered hand, following him over to the elevator as he asked if you were okay due to the fact you looked very pale and shaken up. You reassured him that you were fine, you were just tired. You barely touched your food, and Chanyeol could tell that something was off and he tried to make you feel better by telling lame jokes and buying your favorite movie for you to watch. You really had to smile and eat despite the only feeling inside was emptiness and nausea, and when you had to chance to escape into the shower, you still couldn’t cry because you smiply felt dry inside. The flowers that were blooming in your ribcage and your heart had shriveled up by now and were crumbling into broken petals, just like your love. You stared at yourself in the mirror for a long time, not recognizing the reflection anymore. Who were you? Were you the daughter of a mafia boss? Were you Chanyeol’s Babydoll? Were you a mere speck on this planet? You simply didn’t know anymore. Bedtime came and went. You were alone in the bedroom but you couldn’t sleep, your red eyes merely stared up into the ceiling and lost themselves in the repetive and boring patterns. It was hard to believe that only that morning you had woken up in Chanyeol’s embrace and you were at the highest point in your life. You had been living in a fool’s paradise the entire time, your prince was secretly your firey dragon and he was prepared to kill you. You had completely fallen for his charming personality and his good looks, you were so used to the sweet aroma of honeysuckles, but now you were drowing in the bitter taste of lies.You could hear Chanyeol in the kitchen, typing away at his computer and sipping on his warm tea. You wanted to cry, but you still couldn’t let it out. Inside of you, a part still wanted to believe that he was innocent and that he had the best intentions. You sat up immediately when he burst into the door with a panicked look on his face and the sole bag of items you two shared in his hand. You jumped due to the fact you were just thinking about him and you weren’t expecting the loud entrance, but his actions afterwards are what truly scared you. He wasted absolutely no time when approaching your side of the bed and hauling you off the mattress, as gently as possible despite the fact the situation didn’t call for being mindful. You could tell that he was nervous and pressured just by the look in his eyes as he strapped the backpack onto you and led you to the window. He was barely able to tell you that he had been watching the security cameras set up in the hotel when he noticed that Jin was in the lobby, coming up in the elevator now and that you had to go and save yourself. He quickly told you to leave through the fire escape and that he would hold them off for as long as possible, he told you that he needed you to run right now. This was the moment you lost your composure and began to cry. Chanyeol’s bottom lip quivered as he carefully cupped your face with his palms, and his voice was shaking as he told you that it was okay and that you had to leave. He told you that he would be fine and that you shouldn’t worry about him, you only had to keep going forward and never look back. He told you that he packed some food and water for you and that there was some money in there if you needed it. He continued to feed you important information while holding in his tears and focusing more on wiping yours. He was always one to put you before him. You only shook your head as you realized that Chanyeol genuinely cared for you, he was different and you couldn’t believe that he was out to kill you when he was being so loving right now. You were so confused as you looked up into his face and sniffled, your eyebrows furrowing together as you asked him a simple question. “Why?” “Because I love you. You’re my one and only, Babydoll.” It was something he said without thinking twice, something that had been tucked away in his heart the minute he saw how your face lit up whenever he entered the flowershop. He loved how your face would scrunch up as you did your assignments and he would walk over to pay for the flowers he had picked out specifically for you. He loved how sweet you were and how you would always ask if he was tired or if he was hungry, he loved you ever since he met you all those years ago. You were so caught in the moment that your heart stopped when the loud slamming of the hotel door opening caused you to naturally gasp, and you realized that you had made a grave mistake - you didn’t want to leave Chanyeol’s side anymore, something about this whole situation seemed off. Chanyeol’s face was finally tear streaked as he quickly shoved you to the window, trying his best to get you to leave despite the fact you resisted. You weren’t sure if it was because he was going to have to face death alone or if you wanted to be saved from the person you were still unconvinced of being a captor, but you didn’t go. And then the bedroom door was opened and you were greeted with guns. Jin strolled forward with a smile that caused your heart to practically drop, you didn’t know why he was so happy when he was not only pointing his weapon at Chanyeol, but then he pointed it right at your face and giggled. “Oh boy, what’s with the long faces?” He demanded to know as more men entered the room and effectively circled the two of you. You were shaking as you took deep breaths and ignored the fact that your life could be taken at any point with only the sliggest tug of a muscle in his finger. You were slightly confused because didn’t he work with your father? Wasn’t he supposed to be saving you? Nothing was adding up as Chanyeol glared at this man without a single fear in the world, and you jumped when you saw the male spit at the other in the face despite the weapon gripped tightly in his clutch. Jin flinched as he slowly wiped the saliva off his face and scoffed at the display of impolite manners, his gaze then shifting over to you. Chanyeol immediately moved in front of you and easily shielded you from the man with his tall and broad body, his deep and menacingly voice oozing with hatred as he warned Jin not to lay a finger on you. You’re not sure when it happened, but Jin made a motion with his fingers and soon enough, Chanyeol was taken down to the ground and the armed men began to kick the shit out of him as you screamed and attempted to pry their hands away from him. Chanyeol didn’t budge because he knew that if he did, it would only make matters worse. He didn’t care if they beat him to a pulp, he only cared for how they treated you. The men then stopped after about 20 seconds, but it felt more like hours to you as they moved away but two remained to keep him in place. He was coughing and struggling to breathe as blood dripped down his chin, and you could tell that one of his eyes was already swelled up and his hands were bound together. Your heart was pounding as Jin roughly grabbed a hold of you, and that’s when Chanyeol retaliated against the hold of his enemies. He roared with fury as he immediately took a stance and practically threw the two men off of him, beginning to slam them against each other as he threw powerful kicks and then set his eyes on Jin. He was about to move forward to save you, but in slow motion your new captor raised his hand and shot Chanyeol right square in the shoulder, which effectively caused him to fall to the ground. Your heart shattered as you watched him groan from the pain, yet attempt to get back up because he had to save you. That’s when you had a fleeting moment of a memory, Chanyeol was on the ground and bleeding, but you were somewhere else. There was a woman on the ground as well, and you looked up to find a man with a mask and a gun staring at you. You felt absolutely disgusting as Jin laughed as then walked forward with ease, slowly picking up Chanyeol’s chin as the other men went to hold him down, “The best part about this whole situation, lover boy, is that your Princess here called us to come rescue her in the first place.” He cackled with glee as Chanyeol’s eyes immediately softed with the knowing look of betrayal and went to look into yours, not wanting to believe the bold claim yet needing you to confirm the truth. Your vision was blurred with tears as you didn’t do anything but whispered that you were sorry, your voice cracking at the defeated look on your prince. He looked like he had just accepted the fact he was going to die, it was time to give up now. He wasn’t hurt before when he was kicked or shot, but now he actually looked like he was in pain and it was all your fault. Chanyeol slowly nodded his head as he looked at the ground, he didn’t look up as you shouted his name over and over again as you were pulled away. He had to lie down because he was too dizzy from the amount of blood lost.You sealed his fate and now you were going to seal yours.
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