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"Coming in!" I snapped the notebook shut and placed it back into the box and pretended that I had been looking at the spines on the books. Yoongi walked in with two more boxes and set them down in the stack of his stuff. "We need to get going so we'll move the rest later tonight." I nodded and he helped me up from the floor. "I hope that you'll enjoy today." He sat on the couch waiting for the rest to come out. Taehyung and I had to try our best to keep him awake.
We left the dorm and called a cab since main Seoul is not within walking distance. We stopped in the main square of Seoul. It was crowded today so I had to hold Yoongi's hand. I didn't volunteer to but he grabbed mine in a very crowded area. Yoongi led us to a little food stand to buy a snack. The stand had little pastries that you could eat with your hands. Each of us got sweet bread then continued looking around.
"We should go to the tower now, it's the most exciting." Yoongi led me down a few streets until we finally reached a tower with a few cable cars leading up to it. "North Seoul Tower, very popular for everyone." He tugged on my arm but I sped up because I got so excited. Jungkook and Jimin had a race to see who was faster. The rest of us just walked normally, except Taehyung and Hoseok, they skipped up to the door to Jungkook and Jimin. After we all caught up with the others we rode the cable car up.
"Wow, it's very beautiful..." Namjoon and Jin stared out the windows and walked to each side. "You know, if..." Namjoon started to tell one of his philosophies but Yoongi cut him off.
"Philosophy man, not now. I'm planning on having a good time on this trip. Please don't ruin it." Yoongi continued to stare out the window with a blank expression. I'd kinda like to know what he's thinking right now. The car stopped at the top and we got off and walked to the viewing deck. The view was even more breath taking than the ride up.
"Let's go buy special locks." Yoongi grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the little shop.
"I really like this one, Yoongi." I turned around to show Yoongi the lock I picked out. Mine was a black lock with a white bubble in the center. In Yoongi's hand was the same one. "I see we have a similar taste in locks." I laughed and so did Yoongi. We each bought our locks and wrote on them. Our locks were placed on the same link on the fence. Yoongi and I walked around at the other locks around us.
"Come on, let's go!" Hoseok called for us to leave the tower to go to another place. Again, we rode the cable car down to the ground. We walked down a few more streets stopping in front of stores whenever we saw something interesting. None of us bought anything but it was fun to just walk around and talk about random things. We later ended up in a park on the far side near a school and a few restaurants. We ran around for a while playing games.
And then the rain drops started to fall. At first it was nice and refreshing because of our sweat from running around. Then it became a little more steady. We didn't go inside a building because Hoseok and Taehyung said that playing in the rain is fun. We continued to run around in the rain, slipping every so often. Later it started to pour to the point where we couldn't see. We ran under the roof of the nearby school waiting for it to let up. Of course, it didn't let up.
"It's so cold here, we'll all get sick. We need to get inside somewhere." We could barely hear Jin above the rain hitting against the metal roof. There was a shop across the road that was lit up and didn't have many people inside. "There! We need to run over to it. There aren't any cars right now, but we still have to be careful." Each of us looked at each other and took some one's hand. It was so that no one got left behind. I took Yoongi's, Jin and Namjoon, Hoseok and Jimin, and Jungkook and Taehyung.
"Alright, on three we'll all go." We all lined up to face the rain. The lights of the shop were just visible enough to see our way. "ONE!" Namjoon started counting down. "TWO!" Each of us got our legs in position to run. "THREE!" All of us started running towards the lights of the shop blindly. I couldn't see as I ran but Yoongi kept pulling me forward with the rest of them. Somewhere around me I could hear someone yell because he slipped or lost his grip on his partner for a second.
We finally reached the little shop across the street and stood under the canvas roof to catch our breath. Luckily, everyone got there safely but soaked. One at a time we entered the shop. The few people in there stopped their conversations. It was just 3 workers and a group of 4 friends then us. The workers greeted us warmly and joked a bit about the rain. Jungkook pushed a few tables together to make one big table for us to sit at.
"It's already 7." Yoongi looked up from his watch to look at me. "I was going to take you to my favorite restaurant in Seoul, but we're here. We're going to be eating here today then. Doesn't look like the rain is going to let up any time soon." I looked outside the window at the downpour. Two at a time we got up to order food so that we didn't overwhelm the workers. Other than the fact that we were basically trapped in the little sandwich shop, it was pretty nice.
Our food was very good and we even got more food. The other group of friends talked to us some and introduced themselves. It was a group of boys who were finally meeting up for the first time since their graduation. I was the only girl apart from two of the female workers. All of us, including the workers, played a few rounds of 007 and tournament Chopsticks. They were all nice and calm even though they were playing games with BTS. Of course, the others knew who they were and one was even a big fanboy of them.
A few hours later, around 9 or 10, the rain had let up and was now just dripping here and there. It was already past the shop's closing time so we helped them clean up like they normally would. All of us left the shop and went our separate ways. Down the road we noticed cars starting to come back onto the street. We called for two cabs to take us back to the dorms. I somehow kept Yoongi awake the whole way back to the dorm.
As we walked back to the dorm a tree decided to drop all of the water off of its branches and onto us. Didn't really make a difference since we were still slightly wet from our marathon through the rain. We entered the dorm and took off our shoes then Jin got some towels so we could dry off. I refused it and left for the bathroom to shower. It felt good to have warm water wash over me instead of cold water shooting at me while I'm running and out of breath.
I left the bathroom feeling refreshed to go to my room. Yoongi was carrying some pillows into my room from his. I guess he finished moving his stuff into my room. Namjoon walked out of my room with Hoseok talking. After they went back into their rooms I walked into mine. Yoongi was sitting by his boxes of stuff taking some things out of them and setting them on his shelf.
"Do you need help unpacking?" I walked up to see what was inside one of his boxes.
"No, but you can think of a better way of arranging this room now that my stuff is everywhere." He turned around to retrieve some of his things.
"Okay, if we want to maximize the amount of space we have, and keeping our things on either side...your bed will be beside the closet, desk there, shelves there in the corner. Then my bed here, desk there, and I don't have anything this will be easier than I thought." I looked at the confused Yoongi and all of his things.
"Um...what? I'm sorry but I wasn't paying much attention but just tell me where to put something then I'll move it. I trust you know what you're saying." He set the things in his hand on his bed and waited for my instructions.
"I know what I'm doing. Remember, I was a social scientist, and I learned how to organize stuff the most efficient way." Again, Yoongi gave me another confused look. "So, we'll start with the bed since it's the biggest." I told him where to move things while I helped out and we moved my bed and desk, since that's all the furniture I have. "I think it's time to go to sleep now." Yoongi tiredly nodded and found his Kumamon plush and set it on his bed. I climbed into my bed as he got up to turn the lights out.
"Good night, Yoongi."
"Good night, y/n."
Aight, Yoongi bear... the rain part was a thought around when I wrote Jimin's part but couldn't really find a place for it so here it is. I might make another fanfic but it's just one member. I might just put myself in there but change the name and a few other things. What do you think? Who should I do it for? Doesn't have to be BTS. Drop feedback, suggestions, and questions in the comments below! Bye!~
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