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Summary: Nanami may be little, but she is far from fragile. She is witty, sassy, and dangerous. She runs her own group of criminals and has been known to love anything and everything shiny, but she will not pay for any of it. She is a thief, and a good one at that. When some of her boys get captured by the police she has to make up her mind to either cancel the heist or find replacements. Just in time, her new neighbors move in and capture her attention with their raw talent. She decides the heist will continue, but how to get the boys to join? Blackmail of course.
Now just to clear this up. The boy's personalities might be a bit different from what they are like in real life, but I do not personally know them and this a FICTION story. Please take this into account as you read. Thank You.
All Parts of this story are here ~~> Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend
Nanami threw herself on the couch with an over dramatic sigh. “How was I supposed to know this would happen?”
Levi rolled her eyes and moved Nanami’s legs so she could sit on the couch. They had been in Korea for weeks already and had yet to find someone to help them with their latest heist. “It is your fault that the people we know either know you are… well you, or don’t like you because you rudely told them to get lost when they asked you out.” She swung her cherry lollipop around as she talked. “If you would be just a little nicer maybe someone would agree to help us.” She popped the candy back into her mouth and raised her eyebrow at Nanami.
Nanami huffed as she sat up. “It’s not my fault. I am completely innocent here.” She pouted her lip and blinked innocently at Levi, only getting a swift flick to the nose and a look of utter amazement. “Ok ok, so I like to flirt… a little.” Again she was given a look and a flick to the nose. “Fine! I flirt a lot, but I don’t mean anything by it!” She rubbed her nose and shot a glare at Levi.
Levi laughed. “Of course you don’t mean anything by it but they seem to take it as you giving them the ok to move forward.”
“Well they should know better.” Nanami stated simply as she got up and came back with a bottle of hard orange soda for herself and a bottle of hard root beer for Levi. “But anyways,” she said trying to change the subject before Levi came back with something witty. She knew that she shouldn’t flirt with the guys. She knew it was a bad idea to mix fun with work, but she couldn’t help it. She loved watching them squirm under her gaze and flush pink when she would saunter into the room. Even though it was fun she had ended up getting them into this problem. She walked over and looked out the window. The bright sun shined down on her quiet street, and she eyed the neighboring houses. She had to come up with something and sooner rather than later. It always took a while for a group to really get to know each other well enough before they pulled off a job and she was running out of time.
“Mi, we don’t have too much longer. What are we gonna do? Give up this job and try to put together a new group? It could be months before we even find another good heist.” Levi laid down on the couch watching Nanami at the window.
Nanami was about to tell Levi that she would figure it out like she always did when she watched a couple cars pull up to the house across the street. She watched as a group of young men got out and started rough housing in the front yard on their way to the door. A smirk formed on her lips as she counted out seven boys in total. “Uh oh.” Levi darted up off of the couch toward Nanami. “I know that look. Who are the victims this time?” She looked out the window and let out a low whistle. “Well aren’t they a bunch of cuties.” She turned pointing her lollipop at Nanami. “Which one is going to be your new toy?”
Nanami only cocked her head to the side and smiled. “Why all of them of course.”
The next week flew by quickly. Levi would lay out on the couch playing her PSP and Nanami would watch the boys. They seemed to always be outside and that was perfect for Nanami. She needed to find an in. She wouldn’t be able to just waltz over and announce what she does for a living and ask them if they wanted to join, no, she needed leverage. In other words, she needed blackmail. She would admit that she was a bit pressed for time so she was doing something she had never done before. Normally she would have slowly gotten to know the boys and then invited them to join her, but in this case they only had a few months and she figured they would need a little training as well.
She would watch curiously as they would randomly start to dance and sing, or rap and rough house. It wasn’t until the dimpled blonde had come back home one day and started yelling about an audition that it finally clicked. They wanted to be idols. Nanami smirked. The one thing anyone wanting to be an idol needed to be careful of, was their image. “Gotcha.” She breathed slightly under her breath. Now she only needed to catch one of them doing something that would hurt their image and she would have them in the palm of her hand.
Since watching them she had noticed the little black haired one, who she assumed was the youngest, was the most babied. The others seemed to dote more on him and he seemed to get away with quite a lot. He would make for the best target. She was almost sure the others would do almost anything to help him.
Her mind was made up. She was going to have to catch the cute little one doing something that would kill his image and make sure she got herself a crew.
A few days later Nanami was about to give in and go to bed since the boys had retreated into the house as soon as the sun had gone down, but she was stopped when two of the boys came stumbling out of the house. They kept shushing one another and giggled as they made their way to the car. The way they swayed and burst into laughter when the one on the driver’s side couldn’t put the key in the door made Nanami smirk. ‘Oh this is perfect’ she thought to herself. She knew they had to be drunk and going and getting behind the wheel? She had waited long enough she wasn’t going to miss this opportunity.
She watched as they got in and their faces were lit up by the car light. The two youngest, the black haired one and the rectangle smiley one. She smiled devilishly and called for Levi to follow her as she made her way out to her own little black car. “Tonight,” She said to Levi. “There is going to be a little car accident.” Levi looked at Nanami curiously but didn’t ask any questions as she followed her outside.
CRASH! The sound of metal hitting metal still rang through her head. She had wanted to get them to hit her car but she had not expected the impact to be that hard. She cradled her head and tried to get the spinning to stop. They had hit the back of her car and she and Levi and gasped and screamed as the car spun around finally hitting a light pole.
“Great going there Mi. Next time come up with a plan that won’t kill us.” Levi groaned.
“Yea, yea I know. Won’t say it was my smartest plan.” Nanami cursed as she unbuckled her seat belt and tried to move over. She wouldn’t say the car was totaled but there was no way she would be driving it again without going to the body shop. She tried to push open her door but realized that that was not going to happen. The door seemed to be jammed from the impact and she sighed.
“Hello! Are you ok?” Nanami heard the voice and looked up at a grief stricken face belonging to the black haired boy. She had to assume the accident had sobered them up quite a bit if not having given them a heart attack.
She nodded and pointed to the door. “I’m alive, but I can’t get out. The door is jammed.”
He looked at the door thoughtfully for a moment before grabbing the handle and pulling. To Nanami’s amazement the door finally opened and he proceeded to look her up and down. He sighed slightly in relief when he didn’t see any blood or miss placed bones. “Like what you see?” Nanami smirked when his face turned red and he looked away from her. “Come on now don’t just stand there blushing and help me get out of the car.” His blush only deepened and he helped pull her out. On the other side of the car the other boy hand gotten Levi out.
“Taehyung! Jungkook!” Nanami watched as both of the boys flinched at the sound of their names. She turned around and looked back in the direction of the voices to see the remaining five boys running towards them. She tried to hide her smile as the blonde one yelled at the two youngsters.
“Hyung we…” Taehyung had tried to explain but he was cut short by the angry elder.
“How could you be so stupid? We have an audition soon and you are out causing accidents? What about the reports? Don’t you know they will come out when we become famous and people will look down on you for this stupid act?” The blonde seemed a bit angrier than she had anticipated but this could work out in her favor. They didn’t want to lose face over stupid things and she didn’t want them to either… as long as they did what she said.
Clearing her throat she smiled at the boys. It seemed they had almost forgotten them standing there. A boy walked up to her slowly and looked her in the face. His full lips and chocolate brown hair informed her he must have been the eldest. She remembered seeing him from the window and no matter what any of the boys were doing they would listen when he said something. He was tall, but then again everyone was tall when standing next to Nanami, and he had a pleasant smile. He took her hand and bowed his head slightly apologizing for what the boys had done. Looking over his shoulder he told one of the other boys to call an ambulance so that Levi and her could get checked out.
“That’s not necessary.” She smiled up at him and shook her head. “I gather you boys want to be some kind of idol group?” She looked around at the group of boys and they nodded. “Well if you help me get my car back to my house I am sure we can work something out that doesn’t involve the police.” They all seemed to look a little more relieved, and Nanami heard Levi giggle. She knew they were far from out of the woods yet. Nanami had only just cast the net.
The boys had expressed their amazement when they had realized that the girls lived right across the street. Nanami had pretended that she hadn’t known and Levi shoved another lollipop in her mouth to keep from laughing at Nanami’s fake innocent look. They all sat in the girl’s living room and Nanami couldn’t help the amusement bubbling up in her gut over how they looked at her like she might shatter into a million pieces any minute. “If you keep looking at me like that I might just break you know.” The two she had learned were named Jimin and Hoseok turned away from her but she could still feel the stares of Jin and Namjoon. The latter had seemed to trust her less than any of the rest. He would eye her suspiciously and ask her why she wouldn’t call the police. She had simply answered that she didn’t want to hurt their future career over an accident that no one was hurt in. Jungkook and Taehyung sat on the floor neither one wanting to look up from their laps. They knew they were in trouble, and right now Nanami and Levi were the only ones that could save them.
After assessing the situation Nanami realized that if she was wanting to blackmail these boys, the two she needed to talk to were Namjoon and Jin. Namjoon might not be the oldest but he seemed to be quite the leader and Jin as the eldest should know the situation as well. She smirked slightly to herself and nodded at Levi. Levi took the chance to invite the younger boys into the kitchen for a snack while the ‘grown ups’ talked about what would happen. Taehyung and Jungkook jumped at the chance to get away from the situation and followed close behind Yoongi, Hoseok, and Jimin as they walked to the kitchen.
Nanami stood up and walked over to the small jewelry box on top of her book shelf. She opened the lid and pulled out the diamond necklace. Turning she showed it to the two boys and had to suppress a giggle over their looks of confusion. “I love these things.”
Namjoon seemed to be the first to take the hint. “We cannot and will not buy you jewelry because of this accident. We can’t afford to.”
Nanami placed her finger to her lips to quiet him and smiled. “Oh dear naive one.” She was going to have fun with this one. He was just as fiery as she was. “I don’t want you to buy me jewelry.”
“Good because we can’t.” Namjoon added sourly.
“No No, I don’t want you to buy it for me, but you will help me get it.”
Jin looked up at her eyes wide like he had already figured it out.
“What do you mean not buy it but help you get it? Are we going to work for it?” Namjoon looked even more confused.
“In a way, yes.” Nanami smirked and sat on the coffee table in front of the two. “If you don’t want me to call the cops and scar that innocent record you have then you will help me.”
Jin chuckled lightly and nodded his head. “So you’re not just being nice and letting us off.”
“Of course not. Nothing in this life is free sweetie” Nanami reached out and ran a finger along Jin’s jaw. “You have to work for what you want.” Jin pulled away slightly and she laughed.
“What?” Namjoon still looked slightly confused.
“She is blackmailing us.” Jin stated simply.
Namjoon looked at Nanami like she had grown a second head and jumped up getting closer to her. She looked up at him and cocked her head to the side. “Would you rather I called the police about your little friend’s drunk driving?” Namjoon’s mouth snapped shut and he sat back down. “Look I need you and your friends to help me with one little job and then you are free to go back to your own little world of choreographed dances and screaming fans.”
Jin raised an eyebrow and looked at her curiously. “What kind of job and just who are you?”
“Me?” The net had gotten them, they were now trapped and she knew it. Nanami stood up, smiled and offered her hand. “My name is Nanami, and I am a professional thief.”
That is all for Part Two! Hope you all enjoyed it. I had the hardest time trying to decide how she was going to blackmail that group of boys.
Anyways, Thank You for reading. I am always welcoming comments, questions, and of course likes. Let me know if you would like to be added or removed from the tag list as always.
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