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"Come on! We need to go!" Jin called from the living room. I shut the notebook and left my room. All of us gathered there and then left. We walked a bit then called for a cab since Jin doesn't have his own car. We got dropped off in front of a tower in northern Seoul. "Y/N, this is North Seoul Tower. It's very popular, so you must have heard of it." Jin took my hand and started walking to the tower. I craned my neck back to try to see the top. "Ah, it's kinda scary up here, Jin-hyung." Hoseok sat on the floor of the cable car looking up out the window. Taehyung stood behind him to try to calm him down. Jungkook bounced around in circles saying stuff about traveling. Jin stood beside me looking out the back of the car. Jin let out a sigh and smiled at some birds flying by. The ride ended and we left the cable car. "Let's get our locks so we get nice ones." Yoongi walked to the store and walked inside. We followed him in and looked around. I found a reddish-pink lock with white hearts dotting it. I showed Jin who nodded in agreement and showed me his. A pink and black lock with a little bow attached to it. We bought our locks and locked them to the fence. I ran over to the viewing platform and looked around. Jin caught up with me and so did the rest of the members. We watched the birds fly past us and down at the streets of Seoul. Jimin started bouncing around at Jungkook and pointed to a bush with flowers on the deck. The flowers were a light blue with pink lines. I walked over to the flowers and crouched down beside them. Most of the others followed me to look at the flowers. "Wow, they're so pretty." Jin held one in his hand and sniffed it. "Like me, it's pretty like me." Namjoon just stood up and turned around sighing. "And y/n. Actually, it fits y/n more than me." That brought Namjoon back over as well as the other members. Jin plucked off one of the flowers and weaved it into my hair. He got another one and put it in his shirt pocket with it poking out. "Now we're both very pretty." We smiled at each other and got up from our spot. "Jin-hyung! Jin-hyung! We should go to the vendors. I bet she'll like the jewelry there!" Taehyung looked at Jin with hopeful eyes and pouted slightly. Jin agreed with no argument and started walking to the cable cars to take us back. Taehyung started skipping to him and Hoseok started to too. I scurried up to Jin and grabbed his hand, he didn't seem to mind so I gave it a light squeeze. Our ride down wasn't as dramatic as going up. "Y/N, stay close to me the entire time, we're going somewhere that might be extremely crowded." I nodded and took a step closer to him. He led me down another street and I noticed the number of people multiply about 5 times from the number of people just around the corner. He was right, it was crowded. "Remember what I said. Stay. Close." Jin pulled me even closer to him to the point we were shoulder to shoulder. Well, shoulder to bicep. My shoulder against his bicep. The other members must've known how crowed it was going to be. They were clinging to each others clothes and staying close to each other. We stopped at various stands and looked at what they sold. I got a necklace and a mouth mask with a a floral pattern on it. The rest bought other things like hats or scarves. We spent about 5 hours there then left when we got hungry. It would take maybe half an hour to get out of the crowd since almost every one was going one way. "Alright, we're either going to have to brave the crowd and go against the current or follow the crowd to the end of the street." Yoongi looked around at the crowd around him. "We should go backwards." Namjoon looked back the way we came. "We shouldn't have to go along with what we should do." All of us let out a sigh and continued walking with the crowd leaving Namjoon to talk to himself. It took quite a long time to get to the end of the street. People in front of us would stop often and would move to the side when we tried to go around. We couldn't get very far because everyone was almost shoulder to shoulder. "Now, we have to go down this way then we can take a shortcut to the restaurant. It's already 6, so we can make it fairly early." Jin pulled on my hand and walked down a few more streets. He stopped in front of a large lit up building. I couldn't see the name of the restaurant because the sign was so bright. We walked in and told the man how many then had to wait for a table. Later, they called for us and seated us in a nice corner seat. "Wah, have you ever been here Jin-hyung?" Hoseok looked around at the place then back down at his menu. Jin shook his head and continued talking to himself about what to eat. We ordered and waited, talking about the street vendors. Taehyung entertained us with Yoongi's scarf that he bought. Yoongi made him put it down and he sadly put it back in the bag. The food arrived and we didn't say a word while we ate. We were too focused on the delicious food. "Man, that was good." Jimin rubbed his belly and giggled. We later got up and left after we paid. It was already dark so we decided to go back to the dorms. Instead of taking a cab, we decided to walk back. I held Jin's hand the entire way back since it's even more dangerous at night. They told me stories while we walked and things they've done in the past. I told them a few of mine and laughed at how ridiculous they are. The walk wasn't as long as you'd think it was, even if it took us about 2 hours. "Alright, shower or whatever! Someone, could you help me move my stuff to y/n's room?" Jin walked back to his room and gestured for Yoongi to help him. I walked to the bathroom to shower while the others went back to their rooms. After my nice shower, I walked out and announced that someone else could take theirs. In my room, I was met with boxes of Mario characters and other boxes of whatever else. "Jin?" Jin walked in behind me carrying another box of his stuff. "Yes?" He set the box down and sat on his bed that was now in my room. "Do you need any help getting your stuff in here?" I stood in front of one of his boxes looking at its contents. "No, we just need to move the shelves and my desk in here then that's it." He stood up to get his stuff and I sat on the ground inspecting his stuff. Jin and Namjoon and sometimes Yoongi would come in carrying things and setting them down. I moved a few things around so that it was easier to move. Eventually all of Jin's stuff was in my room but it was late so he didn't really have time to unpack everything. We just decided to go to sleep after some talking. Everyone else was already asleep. I got under my blankets and closed my eyes. Jin turned off the light and got into his bed. "Good night, Jin." "Good night, y/n."
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