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Okay so I've heard a lot of hate on naeun I mean what have she done to get so much hate it's not like she killed someone. Some people are just going beast mood on her. Here she is taking a picture of her beautiful body line and even the reporters where talking about just here body line. All of a sudden some haters gonna come in and start talking about how she's not one of the top visuals anymore. I mean really? Come on. What does her face have to do anything with her body. And for those peoples who wanna hate on my girl Naeun. People look at yourself before you say that. Also why do you guys wanna hate on people the way the look and the way they they do things haters always comparing them. No wonders the group's especially the girls have so much pressure to look pretty and not to try to show their fans what their face looks like. It's there place let them do what they want with it. I bet one of your favorite girl group members had we face done too. I don't even know if they did or not because your too busy trying to hurt someone's feelings. #shoutout to the haters. Thanks to the haters apink is becoming better and stronger. But I should tell you guys that what you're doing is not right. You're making yourself look like fools. Just stop. 😑😒😷 #shoutout#tothehaters #always#beautyful#naeun #Apinkalways #HATERSgonnaHATE #alwaysbeautifulnaeun
Who thinks she should get this kind of hate?? Comment down below how your feel about. And like it
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Naeun is her own person. The haters should know that not everyone is the same. The haters should back off.