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Got7 tatted sweetheart screenshot: results
so this is my first one ever. @BBXGD got me tracking them and finally it takes. @KhrystinaLee to actually get me to do goes nothing
So junior and I are going on a midnight motorcycle ride....its so cold out man but he like i got a soft spots for street bikes hehe.
Bambam cant seem to not hold my hand but he means business this time by staring into my eyes.
Oh My... well Junior....oh ...never though he would confess to me... oh .... dream knights all over again.
WHAT?! O.O JB dreams of me every NIGHT!? If he confessed I would of acknowledged him....damn!
okay that one way to get a girls attention. steal me away for a sexy romantic boat ride anytime...
AH! NO NO NO JAIL BAIT AH! Kiss that all your getting yugyeom i eill never sleep with you...ah! no!
YAY! MARKIE BOO COME TO NOONA! My tatted sweetheart has arrived! if you want to try here the original gamr made by @KhrystinaLee ==>
See, now wasn't that fun?!
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yea cause it was easy
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yoooo those tatttssss lmaooo
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i know right @BBxGD.yugyeom art is still my fav
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@xroyalreisx no lie on that. but ughhh... *my weakness*
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