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GOT7 Screenshot Results
Sorry Jinyoung just a peck for now ok?. I see you as a friend. love u tho.
Yah! let mynhand go!?..Stop looking at me like that!. you creeping me out you know??..
Yugyeom.... I know you love me and all we been best friend forever. but you don't have to get aggressive you know? he was just holding my hands and staring at harm?..
Yeeeeehaawww!!!!..Love it.. let's go to the beach!! yeeeiiii. scream our lovers name out.. don't worry I won't tell Yugyeom.. aren't we BFF too anyway?
Oh Lord.. if only he would say it to me.. cause he knows nothing really..He thinks he knows..
aheem .... M..Mark? C..Can you you s stop s..staring. making nervous. .p..please?
I am ..I I think know I am. going to sorry.. I... nado saranghae..♡♡♡
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yes girl like this 🙌🙌😀
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