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As I enter my room, I call the front desk and ask if they could buy a bouquet of flowers and a stuffed animal and charge it to my room, they agreed and that I would have to come down and sign for it. So, Lay's present, check. Shower, up next. Just then, Julie comes in. "Hey, stranger!" she says, smiling and taking a swig of water from her bottle. "Hey, I feel like I haven't seen you all day." I said, walking across the room to give her a bear hug. "Uggghhh, Jinny, you're squeezing me too tight. I can't breathe." she says, being all dramatic and wheezing. "Sorry," I chuckle. "I just missed you so much and I feel like we haven't talked since we got here. Plus, where have you been? Why are you so sweaty?" I look at her face; flushed and glistening with sweat. "I was at the hotel gym and guess who I saw?" She looks at me all sly. "Who?" I said. 'Is it the BTS guys? Does she even know who they are?' "Kris. It looks like he was incognito the way he was dressed and using the security detail of the hotels' and their agency." She says. 'Wow, I didn't even think about how he got here. I feel bad because of all the trouble he had to go through to even be at my door to greet me. I can just imagine him, walking to the elevator, hiding his face whenever someone got on board. Sleuthing through the hallway, making sure his face is hidden and no eye contact with other people. Geez, how inconsiderate of me. I should definitely talk to him tonight.' "Jinny, Hellooo? Earth to Jinny!" Julie said, grabbing my face towards her. I snapped out of my thoughts. "Sorry, I kind of Zoned out. What did you say?" Julie looked at me, worriedly. "Jinny, is there anything going on that you want to talk about?" I was wringing my hands in front of her, "Julie, can you keep a secret?" "Yes, well, depending if you're life is at risk, then, no." I laugh, shaking my head no. "My life is not at risk, it's my heart." I look at her with scared eyes. She grabs my hand and sits together on the edge of the bed. "Tell me." she says. "Well, remember yesterday?" I ask her. She nods her head. "Yea, when you fell and had a concussion. By the way, I saw that you and Chanyeol's lips touched." she said, coyly. "Did I really? I must have blacked out before that. No wonder, I was asking myself how did he get a cut lip? Thankfully, I didn't. Well, that's not what I wanted to talk about. Yesterday, at the concert before we went to the park, Kris pulled me into a room and lent me the clothes I was wearing yesterday. Well, the thing is..." I blush and look around, for some reason hoping no one is listening. Other than, Julie. She prods, "Well?" "KrisandIKissedAndIReallyLikeHimAndIWasAlmostReadyToDoMoreThanJustKiss." I said really fast. I put my face in my hands from the embarrassment, somehow, Julie understood me and she grabs my hand and looks at me. "Jinny, there is nothing wrong with that." She looks at me with a caring face. "Well, the thing is I've never had sex, my last boyfriend was in middle school and when I didn't want to 'do it', we broke up and he called me names and made up rumors about me." I looked at her with tears running down my face. Just the memory causes me to cry. She wipes my tears and says, "It's ok, let me ask you, do you see him anymore?" I shook my head no. "Is there anybody still calling you names?" I shook my head no. "Then, why give them the power to make you feel this way? You know that those rumors aren't true, if they were, you would feel shame, not hurt. So, why give them any second thought when they obviously don't give a crap about you no more to call you names anymore. Listen, everyone at that age are spiteful little brats, don't let that time cloud your judgement of Kris. Kris seems like a decent sincere guy and so does, Chanyeol and the rest of the guys. Have they said anything bad about you or treated you anything other than a princess?" I shook my head no, my tears drying up. "Will you give these guys a chance and forgive that guy, because once you forgive him, you will be able to move on." I nodded, 'Wow, Julie is so wise, no wonder she's my unnie.'
I stand up quickly and I said, "Hwaiting!" Julie said it also. "I'm going to take a shower, the dress will be coming soon, it's 6:25pm, the party starts at 8:30pm. Oh, don't worry about his present, I already got him something." she nods and goes to her room. I grab my clothes and phone and go to the bathroom. I text Jasmine if she's coming to the party tonight. She texts back saying she's gonna spend the night with her fiancee. 'Wow, I don't even wanna know.' I text her back, be careful. I put on EXO's song, MaMa. **************************************************************************************** I step out of the bathroom, just in time to open the door to receive the dresses. It's 7:00pm, I have an hour to get dressed up.
There was so many dresses to choose from. But I love me some black lace over cheetah print any day. Julie picked the low-back black dress. Her milky white skin will look like ivory against the ebony dress. I helped Julie with her makeup and her hair was in a side-swept ponytail. After I was done with her, I noticed the time, it was 7:40pm. I rushed to put in my blue prescription contacts and did my makeup emphasizing my almond-shaped eyes to look like cat eyes and a burgundy matte lip color. For my hair, since I had no time to style it up, I just curled my hair and left it loose. At 8:10pm, there was a knock on our door. Julie went to go open it up, while I went to put perfume on from Versace yellow diamond. Julie talks to someone at the door, I put my left foot on my bed to put lotion on, Julie opens the door wider and let's in the whole group of EXO. They weren't expecting to see me in that pose that most looked away, while some others kept staring and a few just walked out of the room. I flushed and put my leg down, I sat at the edge of the bed to put on my shoes. Kris comes up to me and kneels down to help put on the straps, "No, its okay. I can do it." I look at the other guys and said, "I'll be out in just a sec, can you guys wait outside?" They nod and left the room. Chanyeol's face wasn't like his normal smiling face. He gave me a look and gave me a small smile and just turned around and left. I felt Kris's hand on my calf and his other hand putting on my right shoe. I reached down to grab the shoe and he pulls it away from me, "Jinny, let me do it, please?" he looks up at me, his face closer than I realized, and I backed up and nodded. He took pleasure into doing this simple thing. I smiled and when he was done, he grabbed my hand to pull me up, and he pulled me close to him. He leans down and whispers in my ear, "You look so sexy and beautiful, that I'm thinking of taking you out instead of going to the birthday party." He chuckles when he sees that my ears are red. "You...You..."I stammer,"You can't do that, I have Lay's present to give him." I put my hands on Kris's chest and underneath my hands, all I feel is a solid wall of muscles and his heart beating; really fast. I pushed myself from his embrace and bent to pick my purse from the floor. I hear a groan from behind me, I twist around to look at him, "You okay, Kris?". "Yea, let's go." Kris turns around and walks off in long strides out the door. **************************************************************************************** At the party, which was at a club, there was so many people and the music was so loud, that you had to lean to each others faces to be heard. We were escorted to a VIP room on the second floor. I peek to each door we pass, I see some guys just dancing and singing. Then I see that there are some guys doing business; then, our room comes up. All of EXO, some people from the agency, are here. I see some unfamiliar faces, which are introduced as Girls Generation. Chanyeol and Lay are at my side, Julie is on the side of Lay, next to her is Kris. Kris and Julie are so engrossed in their conversation that they don't see Lay coming next to them and offering Julie a drink. Chanyeol comes into my line of vision, bringing me a flute of champagne. "How do you like Korea so far?" He sips on his drink and tilts his head waiting for my response. "I love it, I've taken so many pictures and posted them on my Instagram and Facebook. Even my mom who didn't want me to go, is thinking about visiting here." I giggle. Chanyeol laughs with me and tells me more about the people in the room and their dirty little secrets. For example, the cameraman and the stylist are in a secret relationship. **POP**POP**POP** I jumped and flinched because they were popping confetti to signal the time to sing Happy Birthday to Lay. Once he blew out the candle, I handed him the bouquet of flowers and a stuffed unicorn; the front desk told me that's all they had. He smiled so wide, that his eyes smiled also. I looked around to find Julie talking to Suho and wondered where did Kris go. I scanned the whole room, he wasn't here. Maybe he went to the bathroom. I felt the bass of the music underneath my feet and I felt like dancing, I grabbed another drink and chugged it down. I went to Julie and Suho and asked them, "Do you want to dance?" They agreed and a group of us went to the ground level. They put on a English song of Lil'Jon To The Windows. I started to dance and when I mean dance, I don't mean just moving my butt around. I started to dance like a choreographer would.
I had many people watching me and the guys from EXO surrounded me in a circle. Once I got tired, I dragged Kai in the middle and he took over. I walk to the bar to get something to drink. "What's your poison?" asked the sexy bartender. I looked at him and smiled. "Can I get a cup of water, please?" he looked at me in surprise that I would ask for water, but he went to get it, nonetheless. "That was pretty amazing dancing, are you a choreographer?" I heard behind me. I turn around slowly, I look up and see a familiar face. "Oh, you must be Namjoon, right?" He smiled, showing a cute dimple. "Yea, Jin must've told you." I nodded. "Well, you are a really good dancer, is it a hobby?" "Oh, Yes, sorry, but I'm not a choreographer, I wanted to be." I laugh. "That's a cute laugh, by the way. If you wanna hang out with us, we are right over there." He says, pointing to a corner. The bartender places the drink in front of me and I drink it whole. I give it back to him, his face is wide-eyed and smiling. I wave good bye to the bartender and turn my focus on Namjoon. "Sure, I'll come by right now, to say hi." He escorts me to their table by holding to my left elbow gently. We reach their table, all eyes look up to see Namjoon and I. Suga's face is like, who is she? Jin gets up quickly and offers his seat. "No, that's ok. I came by to say hi, I was going to go back to my friends, when Namjoon ran into me." Suga looks to Jungkook and he whispers to Suga, who I was. Suga pipes up saying, "You're not hurt, are you?" I tilt my head in confusion, "What?" Suga clarifies that since Namjoon ran into me, I could've possible gotten hurt because he's so clumsy. At this statement, Namjoon blushes and says, "Come on, now, Hyung. I wouldn't hurt her." I laugh. "You guys are so cute." All of them, just stared at me. "Sorry, I just find it cute how you guys tease each other. Well, I got to go." I turn around to leave, when I feel someone grab my wrist. I turn around and see Jin letting go of my wrist. "I have the dry cleaning to repay you. Here, this is for you." He hands me a box of chocolates and a super mario stuffed toy. I look back up to him and bow and say thank you for the gift. I turn around to scan the room to find someone familiar, I see Kris and about to step forward to go to him. When I see some girl laughing and flirting with him and putting her hand on his arm. I see him laughing and not moving her hand, he even bends down to let her whisper in his ear, as well as him doing the same thing. I felt like I wanted to go over there and smack them both. I turn around and I sit next to Namjoon. He looks at me, all puzzled. "Hey, Namjoon, who's the girl talking to Kris?" He leans over to see her and settles back and says, "Jessica from Girls Generation, I think she likes him." I recall being introduced to them, but when I processed the part where he said, she likes him, there was a heavy bowling ball sitting on my heart. All of a sudden, I see another group of guys coming to our table. They start goofing around and one of them has the funniest accent when he speaks. I laugh, unable to control it. He looks at me. His gaze so intense, that it made me sit up and take notice of him. He was wearing all black; a Big T-shirt, baggy pants, and a black snapback hat. "Who are you?" he says, smiling. I found his face to be pretty cute when he smiled. "Um...My name is Jinny" I said, sticking out my hand. "And you?" He grabbed my hand and shook it. "I'm Jackson, I'm a trainee in a group called Got7. So, where you from?" "I'm from the USA, FL. and you? It sounds like your from the states too." "Yea, I'm from California, so is my friend, Mark." He points out another guy dressed in black. I stand up because I don't want to be intrusive and bother them, I bow to them and make my way to the dance floor. While walking, I see Kris sitting down with Jessica. Something in me just snapped. I reached our group and I started to dance again. But this time, I grabbed Chanyeol and danced up on him. Close and personal. He grabbed me by my waist and pulled me towards him. He leaned down and said, "Jinny, are you ok?" I put my lips close to his ears and said, "I'm ok, do you not like my dancing?" my lips graze his ear, and he looked down at me, biting his lower lip. He pulls me tighter, making our bodies pressed against each other. I feel something hard pressed against my tummy. He puts his face in the crook of my neck and he says, "It's not that, I, very much, like your dancing. I'm just not sure if you know who you are doing it to." He presses a kiss on my neck and I gasped. Right now, with the way our bodies are, the cologne radiating from his skin and clothes, is making me want to throw caution to the wind. Chanyeol felt me relax, that he tried to kiss my neck once more, I tilted my head to give him better access. I felt someone come up behind me and pull me to them. I look up to find Kris glaring at Chanyeol, but Chanyeol wasn't letting me go. In fact, he has both of my hands intertwined with his. "Chanyeol, let go of Jinny. She's had too much to drink. I think it's time to go home." I pull my hands from Chanyeol, he just looked at me like I took his favorite toy and broke it. I reached down where Kris was holding me and I pried off his hands, I turned around and said, "I'm not drunk, I know what I'm doing, and I'm going with Chanyeol." I turned around to Chanyeol, "Let's go and drink some soju. Get REAL drunk." I just started walking to the nearest exit, not caring if Chanyeol or Kris was following. I stepped outside and breathed through my nose, fresh air, held it in for 5 seconds and exhaled. 'What am I doing?'
I know it's pretty long, but good stories are built by the tiniest details. Am I right? or Naw? I hope you've enjoyed it.
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Wow amazing stories like your bringing every group is actually amazing how you can put that much detalis ❤
@JeniseRamos thank you so much, your comment just made my day. I was thinking maybe it's too much and maybe I should just focus on Jinny and Kris relationship but there are more characters that readers could like. many people might not like Jinny.
np like i said an amazing story like i have never read anything that involved everyone that i ( personily love lol) in one story
love it tag me please