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Feeling more comfortable, definitely more playful, you head back to the blanket and basket. You help him spread the blanket, and as you go to sit he turns you towards the Banpo Bridge. “Our view for later,” he states and digs into the basket. He pulls out another, smaller blanket and you give him a quizzical look, “What you think I feeding you?” he laughs, then pulls out the food; “good, I am,” he states, pleased with himself.
True to his word, he takes a piece of pizza and feeds you a bite, then himself. You can’t help but laugh at his exaggerated yummy sounds. As the sun begins to set you see different colored lights turn on under the water spraying from the bridge. Mixed with the colors of the setting sun, it is breathtaking. “Wow, beautiful,” you say as you turn to him in awe. He smiles as he rubs a thumb along your cheekbone, “I prefer my view.”
With the setting of the sun, the temperature begins to cool. You both pick up the garbage and put it back in the basket. He pulls you closer and situates himself behind so that you are reclining against his chest. He pulls the smaller blanket over your lap and sighs. “I could get used to this,” he mutters, you aren’t sure if he is talking to himself or if you were meant to hear that.
Deciding to lighten the mood a little, you let your fingers run down his inner thigh by his knee. He immediately moves it with a shocked laugh. Ohhhhh, now this could be fun, he’s ticklish. Your thought turns to action as you quickly turn and attack. His eyes open wide as he falls backward laughing, trying to hold you off. After a few more merciless minutes and unable to grab or stop your hands, he grabs your face and pulls it down to his for a kiss. His kiss….this is what you’ve been wanting and needing, and it doesn’t disappoint. After a minute he pulls back, both of you breathing a little heavier, and he tries to judge your reaction. He switches places with you, putting you under him and he goes back for more. A make out session in the park, in the park? You aren’t going to be arrested for this are you? He senses your mood change and pulls back. Sitting back where he was, he pulls you up and arranges the small blanket again. Your head falls back against his shoulder as fireworks start going off somewhere over by the bridge. I could get used to this, starts chanting in your head.
His arms tighten around you as he places a kiss against your neck and starts to sing softly. You recognize Butterfly immediately; however, the words now have a special meaning.
“Don’t think about anything /Don’t even speak/Please just smile for me/I still can’t believe it/
Everything feels like a dream/Don’t try to disappear/Is it true? Is it true?/You You/So beautiful, so terrifying /Be by my side/Will you promise me?/If I touch you I’m afraid you’d fly away or break.”
As the fireworks end, so does the song. You stand to fold the blankets and find Ken, when Tae stops you.
“It’s true you know.”
“What is?” you respond, afraid to make an assumption, wanting words with the actions, so there is no second guessing.
“I lover you.”
You smile, “It’s I love you,” you correct, not sure this is the right time but unsure of what else to say.
“I know,” he states with a smile.
“You know? Why have you been saying it wrong then?” You’re confused, has he been playing a game with you?
“Not wrong. Lover; urban dictionary: someone you really care about and would give your life to make them happy. I want to be why you smile, what makes you laugh.” He looks down as if nervous or upset. “I want you to stay in Korea, don’t go home or come back if you do. Come back and be with me.”
You didn’t expect that. You try to read his eyes but it’s too dark now. You reach up to touch his face and he captures your hand, kissing your palm, than dips his head to take your lips. This kiss feels a lot like a promise; all sweet and tender, but leaving you wanting more.
Ken is waiting in the parking lot; he takes the blankets and basket while Tae helps you into the backseat. It seems a much shorter trip back to the hotel and before you know, the two of you are standing outside your door. He’s letting you think, he hasn’t said anything, just held your hand, rubbing his thumb along the top. Shoes are left at the door as you follow him over to the bed. Too many emotions fighting each other, you decide it would be safer to just sleep in your clothes. He pulls you close, starting the night off as it usually ends, with the steady beat of his heart lulling you to sleep.
wow this is really good. how old are u? sorry it's just this is pretty mature feels of u know what I mean
he wants me to stay... ugh my heart! and he lovers me.. smh.. this guy. Tae, Tae my heart like ugh!!!
I don't think my heart could melt anymore.... it's in a puddle at my feet right now!! lol