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Fellow Vinglers....I'm getting really worried....How will I get tickets to Kcon 2016 in LA? There is going to be one right?
I can't find anything for Kcon 2016....does anyone know when it will occur? I really need to know soon....I want to just reassure myself....Please help....
I am well aware that this card is a really poorly made card, but I have a feeling that I will miss Kcon because there is no information on Kcon I'm really worried....can someone please put a link to a trustworthy site that will help me...?
@ToppDogg You're welcome but they usually start selling 1-2 months before
@KpopGaby Thank you, I thought it was earlier in the that's why I was worried.... but thank you!
They should begin selling tickets either by March or April, could be May too since KCon takes place during the summer.
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