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Hello and welcome to the next installment of the fan fiction prequel to Captain Criminal minds! I am so glad you are all enjoying it! Jaus a warning, be prepared for feels with this one! As always, I love you all for being so awesome and helping and loving this story as much as I love writing it! You rock!!!
Charles fiddled with the locket he was thinking of giving Krystal, thinking about the days events. She had gone off to her castle to take care of some fae business and he had elected to stay home for the moment. "I need some time to think, Love." he'd told her, smiling as he kissed her so passionately she wouldn't worry. He knew how emotionally damaged she was. Charles sighed, running a hand through his hair as he looked at the sapphire encrusted locket which held a picture of the two of them on their first date to the ferris wheel in london. It also held a picture of the two of them with JJ and Raven. The family they'd built for themselves. He ran a hand over the carved silver, noting how much the sapphires sparkled. He hoped she'd like it. "Krys... I love you, but I'm not sure if I can do this. Will I even be a good father?" he asked himself, crying into his hands. This was to much for him.
When Krystal came home, she immediately ran for their shared bedroom, hearing Charles still crying. She walked in slowly, holding a box in her left hand. "Charles, are you okay, love?" she asked softly, concern in her glacial blue eyes. That was when everything went to shit. Charles had been drinking, so he had no filter on the emotions he was feeling. "No! I'm not okay! Who said I even wanted kids? I love you, Krys, god I love you so much, but I'm not ready! I'm not ready to be a father. I don't even know if I can be a father!" he screamed, and he was to drunk to see how much he was hurting the fragile woman he loves.
The tears streamed down her face like a river, and she almost dropped the present she'd painstakingly made for him and ran. Almost. Instead, her temper started to flare. "Charles Xavier! Why didn't you just tell me this when I told you!?" she yelled back, tears still streaming from her face. If he didn't want kids, that was fine, but she did. Krystal fumed, throwing the ring and her present to him at his feet. "Fine! If you don't want all of me, I'll just leave!"
The yelling had made him sober up pretty quickly, and when he found the ring he gave her on the carpet at his feet, he fell to his knees and began to cry again. "No.. Krys... what have I done.." Charles picked up the thin box sitting next to the ring, noting its beautiful designs. He ran a hand softly over the cover, pulling the note off of it. He read her perfect calligraphic script to himself softly. "Charles my love, in my culture, it is customary to give the one you love something that you crafted yourself. This box holds a bracelet made for you with my own hands, forged with the dragon of my court. It is a symbol of love, respect, and that I have claimed you as my own. My handsome king. Wear this, and know that wherever we may be, I love you. Always, Krys" Charles shed more tears as he slipped the bracelet on, hugging the blue teddy bear she'd won him at the boardwalk when they'd gone. "What have I done..." he muttered softly, rocking back and forth on the floor as he clutched the bear and ring.
lol i never seem to take advice that is freely given lol hahaha
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sorry! had to break them up somehow... but they may work it out. i haven't decided.
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