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That night, When Yoongi had left, You had a horrible nightmare. You felt your body paralyzed as your world started crumbling down. As soon as your eyes had shut, The world has gotten dark. You realized you were dreaming as you saw a bright light increasing above you. You saw a white shining like figure standing in front of you. You thought to yourself, Is that god? Am I in heaven? Did I die? How did I die?
You saw the figure holding out their hand as a voice asks,
"Will you take my hand?"
You thought about it for a minute or 2. As you reach your hand out slowly, Your hand touches against theirs, But as soon as you felt their skin, It felt rough on the palms while the other side is smooth. You realize who the hand had belonged too. You look up at the figure as you yelled,
Yah!!!! What are you doing?!?!" The figure looks up at you, squeezed your hand tighter and walks closer into your face. You felt hot air blowing against your face. You yell out again,
"Yah!!!! What are you doing Hoshi?!?!"
Hoshi looks straight into your eyes as he whispers quietly,
"I never wanted us to end. I still have feelings for you. I love you too much."
You pull your hand away as you yell,
"You still love me?!?! You cheated on me!!! You never loved me!!!!"walks
He walks behind you as he embraces a back hug. He stuffs his head into the side of your neck as you felt his breath against your skin.
"That was all a honest mistake. You caught me at the wrong time. I do love you...A lot...And she came onto me, But I would never do anything like that to any girl...Especially you..." He whispered into your ear, Making you uncomfortable.
His hands were sliding down your body, Stopping at your hips. He rubs his fingertips against your hips as he starts to kiss the mid back part of your neck, Making you feel awkward but comfortable. As you felt his hands rub up against the line of your back, You felt butterflies in your stomach as you cheeks flushed red.
He stops kissing you and yells out,
"(Y/N)! (Y/N)! Wake Up!!!"
You immediately open up your eyes to Yoongi standing next to you, He smiles down at you as he slides his hands under your body, Picks you up bridal style and walks you out of the room as you nuzzle into his chest,
"Well Good Morning Goddess. Did you sleep well?" He asked you as he kisses your forehead.
"I slept uncomfortably. Did you Oppa?" You ask him as you barely open your eyes.
He looks down at you as he sits you down on your living room couch.
"I slept fine. Why uncomfortably?" He asks you with concern.
"I just had this weird dream...I..I don't want to talk about it." You flustered.
He looks at you with worry as he asks you,
"Please, Can you just tell me?"
You hesitate as you answer his question, "Alright, I trust you, But don't judge me."
As you explained to him about seeing Hoshi, You being seduced by him, Hoshi claiming his love for you. You noticed that Yoongi looked jealous as you mentioned him. He even laced his fingers with yours as you said his name. He starts to kiss your neck as you had stopped your sentence.
"Umm, Oppa. What are you doing?" you asked himas you push his mouth away from you.
"I'm sorry, Who's this Hoshi guy?" He asked you with a jealous look.
"He's just my ex boyfriend. I told you I didn't want to talk about it because this is exactly why."
"Ohh. That's cool....How long have you been together?" He had asked as his hand tightens, making his veins pop out as his hand turns red.
"We've been together for about 5 years..." You said as you look down and think about all the memories you and Hoshi had created together. Yoongi looks at you as he quickly goes in for a blissful kiss. As he pulls away, You look at him then look back at the ground.
"Yah.. What's wrong, (Y/N)?" He asked you as he gives you a light push, Making you smirk lightly.
You look up at him with puffy eyes, making you look like as if you were ill. He pulls a strand of hair away from your face as you say,
"It's just that...He was my first real love and me and him could've still been together, But everything happens for a reason right? You know, If me and Hoshi had never split, I wouldn't have met this amazing guy who cares about me and I love him.."
Yoongi turns his head fast and looks at with widened eyes as his hands turn into fists,
"Who's this guy? Why do you love him? Where does he live?" He asked you as he looked paranoid.
You smile at him as you put your hand on top of his right thigh,
"It's you who I love, Silly. I love you Yoongi!" You squeled.
He looks down at your hand and then looks up at you,
"Me?" He asked as he pointed at himself, "You love me? How can you love a loser drunk boy like me?"
"Because.... Your just special in my eyes. I don't care if you drink or if you were a loser, Your my little loser(BIGBANG!!)." You told him as you kiss he cheek, Making him blush as he puts both of his hands over his face.
You take both of his hands as you get up and stood right in front of him,
"I'm a loser, Who had turned into a winner (>.<) because you had won over my heart."
He told you as wrapped his hands around your waist, pulling you in closer as his head rests on the center of your stomach. You look down at him and run your fingers through his hair as you felt his hands slide down to your butt as he makes you sit in his lap. You felt loved, taken cared of, You see Suga looking at you as he leans in for a kiss.
Your lips had touched, Hands had been stroking like a paintbrush stroking paint against it's canvas body. He had his hand in your back pocket, You felt his excitement in his pants until...


Your phone had buzzed, Yoongi quickly takes his hand out of your pocket and reaches for your front pocket to get access on your cell phone. You quickly take it away from him as you look down at the brighten screen. It was a text from Hoshi,

"Hey Beautiful, I hope we can meet later at the little cafe Boba Island. Remember? The place where we first had held our hands in public. I love you, See you soon, (Y/N)."

You just power off your phone and had putten it away. Yoongi noticed you looking more guilty. He holds your hand as he asks you,
"Someone texted you? Was it your ex- boyfriend, Yoshi?"
You look at him as you rub your hand against his face, You felt a little stubble cause he hasn't shaved for a day.
"It's Hoshi and yeah but he justs wants to meet up but I might cancel that to make room for us." You told him seductively as you bite your lower lips. He looked at you with an cocked eyebrow and a crooked (GD!!!) smile. You push him lightly, making him lay(EXO!!!!) down on the couch as you sit on top of him. He rubbed his hand on the center of your back as you rubbed both of your hands against the sides of his face. You both had funas you kiss each other away... He pulls away as he whispers, "
"I Love You, (Y/N)."
"I Love You Too, Yoongi"
UGHHHH Suga is my bias wrecker in BTS and He just shot me through the heart... But I'm still alive (BIGBANG!!!!) and we are bulletproof!!!! ;)
my hearteu i honestly smiled so hard while reading this..... uhhh Yoongi is slowly killing me (≧▽≦)
@LemonLassie ikr!!!!! @kmayong yess
ahaha your wrecker. he was my bias for bts and then jimin that naughty boy became my wrecker. I love this! Yoongi is always adorable just always
tag me plz!! :)
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