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Curve-ball circumstances arise from a Bring Your Own Balloon Party that curb the mojo of three incredibly attractive men, as they find themselves in a whirlwind of inconvenient distress. However, unbeknownst to them and the party guests, the touching and emotional promo video for a youtube channel arises. im becoming a fan of all his series, please subscribe (*_*)
AHAHAHAHAHA! This was so awkward, funny, and I love it! Well done!
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@YinofYang ....told you, he is hilarious and talented...i know right and towards the end, you realize supposedly, they cant dance, lolz!! im totally crushing on him...
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Yes, yes! Oh, my god. I can see why. He's such a cutie and man, they can dance well. The twist of them actually not dancing well was great.
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i love that part when he winks (*_^) its like he's goofy but cute, lolz
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