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KDrama K-Star ↝Lee Hyun Woo↝ Meant to be on your Bias list!!
I can't help it to watch this 1st Ep... of Moorim School over and over you can ↝see↜ the reason why!!
And Binnie is here too.
And he look super adorable in this Drama.
And so are some of his photos.
The MV published at January 2016 Your Face (Louie & Him) Eng Sub
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@ScarletMermaid I know.. me too I love his sliver with brown look.....!!!!!!
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@lovetopia why did they have to change it??? waee??
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Not sure yet... the newest ep won't be up until next week. This week most KDrama will not be on due to the annual show the TV station has plan for this week. (for Lunar New Year)
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