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So it is very difficult for guys, and I mean in general (not all guys are the same. I know. I know), to tell anyone what they are really feeling. As I have it understood, it is because they are just too proud to actually state they want certain things, that they feel certain insecurities. Like us in a way, they want their gf/wife to just understand them without having to say it. I mean I can sympathize with that since I feel the same as well. I wish my bf would just instantly know. So these are some "basic," and general things that many guys would like us to just know: 1. All guys want this gift The little boy inside of all us men always loves something video game related. Also, one girlfriend got me an amazing vintage chair. She said, “You’ll work on your career from here.” It was so thoughtful and personal, not a mall gift certificate. 2. They believe in love (or at least, lust) at first sight I once had a bit of a whirlwind romance while I was on the road. There was a girl at the show and I had an affinity for her the moment I hit the stage. It [wasn’t] just that she was attractive. There was an essence. I was really smitten. It was we like a speed dating round. We knew it would end, but it still ended with a kiss. 3. A woman who has her own thing going on is so sexy I was in a couple relationships that got a little needy, where I was the one keeping it exciting. That would always bum me out. I’m completely ecstatic when a woman has own back story and brings something to the table and has a real strong kind of independence. 4. They crave romance too Truth be told, some of our favorite moments [are when] you say, “I booked a dinner for us. At a restaurant near the beach. With candles.” We’re just not going to brag about it and we might call it cheesy to our friends, but we really like it. 5. Do this when they cry Here’s the big reveal: when your guy is crying (and yes, all men cry), give him chocolate. 6. There’s nothing worse than not speaking up when something bothers you You’ve gotta share what’s going on in your mind. You may think, ‘He already has so much on his mind, I don’t want to burden him’, but that’s not good for a relationship. 7. A bad joke is the best way to pick up a guy Nothing is a better icebreaker than a great joke. And even if it bombs heinously, we’ll still love it. In fact, you almost don’t want the joke to work. That way we want to come to your aid and make you feel better by buying you a drink.
@kristenadams Yes, definitely! I can see why guys would like that. :D
@YinofYang i guessgirls that know how to bounce off from a hella bad joke is the coolest grl everrrr! i've seen girls that say the worst jokes ever, but ehy can brush it off and they are just so frekinnn adorableee
@kristenadams Yep, I think so too. Shows that you have a sense of humor. XD
@YinofYang i guess that it gives off that snese of cuteness? LOL
They really do like it when you tell bad jokes. LOL!