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^i know this isn't black and white shh okay so after doing a bunch of lockscreens recently, i've found it kind of hard to think of colors for backgrounds that go with outfits and stuff so why not just make a black & white edition and that's exactly what i did. however, these lockscreens are only BTS so if you would like a lockscreen that's a different person or group in black and white please comment and i'll get to them as soon as i can ! oh also i was sad that no one requested anything :-(
image : jeon jungkook position : vocalist, maknae lyrics : I NEED U
image : kim taehyung position : vocalist, maknae line lyrics : dead leaves (瓿犾椊)
image : park jimin position : vocalist, maknae line lyrics : butterfly
image : kim namjoon position : rapper, leader lyrics : butterfly
image : jung hoseok position : rapper, hyung line, lead dance lyrics : LET ME KNOW
image : min yoongi position : rapper, producer, hyung-line lyrics : LET ME KNOW
image : kim seokjin position : mom, vocalist, hyung-line lyrics : tomorrow
that's all for now ! i hope you all enjoyed these and look forward to more like these in the future! remember you can request a lockscreen at anytime but tell me the style you want it please (black & white, pastel, etc)
yeah! a jeonghan background would be great! :D
You should do some Seventeen backgrounds 馃槂
yup :-) @ninjamidori
nAH MAN I LOVE MAKING THESE AND YOU CAN REQUEST AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT for the got7 backgrounds, do you mean like a group photo or the members individually ? @ninjamidori
I FELT LIKE I SHOULDNT REQUEST ANYTHING BECAUSE I DONT WANT YOU TO OVER WORK but can you PLEEAAASSEEEE make a green background with Kookie?!?! It's my favourite colour!!!!! Also can you make some GOT7 backgrounds with all the members?! However you want!!!! <3
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