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Words in bold are flashbacks. "My heart hurts..." I whisper. I looked around, making sure that no one was here. Once I saw no one, I looked back in front of me. Those written letters taunting me ever so slightly. I look down at my fumbling fingers, trying not to cry. "I was hoping that things would be alright, you know? I was hoping that I would be good enough to face this on my own. Tomorrow, is a big day. Not the kind you're looking forward to- the one where you'd just rather stay in bed and do absolutely nothing. Wanna know why?" I looked around once more, and I carefully ran my fingers through the grass as the dew went about on my hands. "We would've had three years of being in a relationship. Who knew how much I took time for granted, huh?" I smiled bitterly as memories came rushing in. "Hoseok! Come here you rascal!" I yelled as I chased after him. People looked at us as if we're crazy, some just stared, while others chuckled and shook their heads. I never realized how large this park was until now. He carried my bag further and further away from me. Hoseok laughed as he saw me struggling to keep up with his fast pace. He looked back at me as he yelled out, "Y/N! You'll never catch me! Hahahah!" "Hose-" Hoseok fell to the ground as he tripped over an overgrown tree root. I stopped near him and pointed at him, "Haha! You fell~ Hoseok fell~ Hobi has a booboo~ My ho-" I shrieked as Hoseok pulled me down next to him. "Hah! You got pushed down by me~ Y/N fell~ Y/N has a boob- Ow! Hoseok has a booboo! I repeat, Hoseok has a booboo!" I burst out laughing as he rubbed his head where I flicked him. Hoseok looked at me, his eyes showing a mix of mischief and love. His eyes never leaving mine, made my breath hitch and for a moment, I got lost in his eyes and found something I never thought I would- peace. He snaked his hands around my waist and brought me even closer to him. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and I place my face into his neck taking in his faint scent of bananas and Cologne. "Y/n?" He asks. "Hmm?" I mumble. "Do you believe in forever?" His voice laced with concern. I slightly remove my face from his neck and look up at him. I sighed as I thought of an answer, "I honestly don't, but I feel like I'm starting to believe." His face moved closer to mine, "Why so?" He drew circles on my back and I relaxed even more. "As cheesy as it sounds, every time I look at you, I feel like I'm looking at my forever." His smile grew as his face came closer, our lips barely touching. "I love you" he whispered. I smiled, "I love you too, my hope." He then brought his lips to mine and he showed me what forever really is. "Hoseok... you made me believe that forever actually existed! Where are you now!? Why would you leave me here, all alone?" "You think this is my fault!? I told you very specifically that this person means nothing to me!" I yelled at him. "Then why was he here!? Why would you let him in!?" He yelled. His whole body now tensed up. "He's my coworker and he needed the documents for- Hey! Where do you think you're going!?" "You told me... that everything would be alright.. yet here I am still dreading this day." "Away. I'm not dealing with this today." He grabbed his jacket. I ran to him and grabbed his arm, "So when Hoseok!? Huh!? When will you actually take the time to actually work things out!?" I yelled at him. "I'm sorry... I should've told you to stay. I should've begged you to stay." "When I'm dead." My grip on his arm loosened and he peeled my hand from him. My vision became blurred as I tried to see him. "Hoseok..." I whispered. He looked back at me, with hatred filled eyes. Without a word, he turned and walked out. "This is all my fault..." I looked at him as he ran off towards the street. What happened next broke me. "YOU SHOULDVE LOOKED BOTH WAYS!" My heart felt numb as I watched him lay there in the middle of the street. I quickly got up from the floor and ran towards him. The man that ran over Hoseok stood, looking shockly at Hoseok. With hatred coursing through my veins, I pushed the man out of the way and fell to the ground next to Hoseok. "Hoseok!" "I'm..." "Y/n..." he picked up his bloody hand and he touched my face. "Smile for me? Its the last thing I want to see before I go." "Hoseok! You're not leaving! You promised me forever! You can't leave! You're going to make it okay!?" I frantically looked at the man as he was on the phone. "Are you calling an ambulance!?" I yelled. The man nodded fearfully. "Y/n... smile.. for.. me.." Hoseok smiled weakly. I smiled but my lips twitched. "I love... you.." His eyes closed and I shakingly looked around once more. "Hoseok?" No response. "Hoseok!?" Still no response. "Hoseok! Wake up! Wake up! Don't leave! Wake up! I need you! I love you! Come back to me!!" I hit his chest repeatedly. "Hoseok... I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you." I gripped the sides of my shirt as tears flowed nonstop. "Don't leave me!" I shook my head, trying to get these out of my head. You promised me!" I placed my hands on the sides of my head. "Hoseok!" Hoseok... ~ I tripped over something- wait. I've been walking? A light emitted from the left side and there was a loud noise. My head felt like it was being ripped apart. "I told you we'd last forever" I heard the all too familiar voice. The voice I have been dreading to hear for 3 years. I opened my eyes and there was Hoseok standing Oh so beautifully. He extended his arm. "Let me show you what forever really is like." He said when I took his hand. "Wait." I said as I turned to look at him, "I love you my hope." He smiled, "I love you too, my angel."
I'm pretty sad these days, can you tell? I remember always asking for a love story when I was little. My mom had this book of the princesses and she would read it to me every time I would be sad. I was wondering if any of you would make me a love story? (With Jin cause Jin is my UB) I understand if you don't. I'll make my own love story.. Haha I sound like a loser.. Anyways, yeah.
*cries* *dies*
@sarahdarwish Haha~ Thank you!~ I'm sorry. ;-;
@MichelleIbarra 😑😝 lol
@drummergirl691 Ahh, well my goal is accomplished. c;
@MichelleIbarra The feels. Also, I feel like I've been to too many funerals, and J-Hope is my bias, and and.... it was a sad story with a sweet ending. 😢 lol Feels hit me hard.😅
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