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9 Signs that you may be suffering from Second Lead Syndrome Do you ever catch yourself sighing between drama episodes? Do you rewind scenes over and over--but not for the lead couple? Well, you just might be suffering from the common K-drama ailment known as SLS, or Second Lead Syndrome. Second Lead Syndrome strikes when you can't help but root for the second male lead in a series, even if you know in your heart of hearts that he probably won't get the girl. If you think you might have this syndrome, check out these telltale symptoms just to be sure:
Second Lead Syndrome can hit you hard, and the only known cure is........... THERE IS NO CURE! ONCE THE SYMPTOMS HAVE STARTED IT'S OVER! At least we can all suffer together! Have you suffered from Second Lead Syndrome? Who was your first case? Your worst case? 
Mine was the Korean drama Bride of the Century.
The second lead in my heart was Sung Hyuk. He was beautiful. Smart. Well off. Did I mention beautiful? He was such a gentleman to the lead girl and he was in love with her, so in love that he proposed to her. You know what she said, "I'm sorry, I'm in love with him." "Lee Hong Ki? (this is his real name I forgot his character name)" "Yes." I legit shutdown my computer and cried that day. IT WAS BAD! Tell me your experience! Was it good, bad? Did you wanna shoot your laptop?
You're Beautiful. She should have wound up with Jung Yong Hwa's character. But, at least they wound up together in Heartstrings!
i had this soo bad in the dram Heirs omg I was silently rooting for kim woobin
mine was in you're beautiful...i felt like killing the main lead but fortunately the main lead was handsome so i ended up convincing myself wiz his beauty but i really cried cuz yonghwa should have get the girl😭
I'm that way about She Was Pretty. Shin-Hyeok was such a sweetie and SeongJoon treated her like crap! I feel like she shouldve went with him.
Definitely High School: Love On (I think that was the title) the one with Woohyun and Sungyeol. Second Lead Syndrome hit me in the feels most. I knew Woohyun would get the girl but I was always cheering for Sungyeol. I still do to this day 😂😅😢😭
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