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Another day, another screen shot game. What what! This is by the impeccable @PrettieeEmm I was tagged by @ashleyemmert and @Isolate What is in my Kpop life, you ask? Well enough let me tell you!
They are fierce. I'm proud to be a member! Even if it's just for a bit!
Well of course, I do have some nice pipes!
This is gonna sound pretty bad but I'm not sure who this is...I know I know! I'm terrible! I'm just not very big on girl groups. She's cute, she has nice resting bitch face - I feel like we'd kick it.
It's because we both have the same hair style and he has to point out how much better he rocks it. Ugh!
Let's just say this would be the sub unit to end all sub units. Our combined epic prowess would make people's head explode. Fact.
My boo!! Our scandal would live on in infamy.
Well I am in a bomb sub unit with his band mate, so it's no surprise we would cross paths. He managed to steal me away from Jungkookie...talent.
Umm, I'm just gonna go on the record and state this is pretty awesome. I knew I'd totally kill it in the world of Kpop. Probably. Eh? So I was thinking of getting into this tagging thing that the kids are doing these days. Anyone care to be tagged? Lemme know!
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It's ok he will always be bae @ScarletMermaid
you can tag me
@ashleyemmert how could we stay mad at that face?
@ScarletMermaid that beautiful beautiful face 😍