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Well its that time again. I been meaning to get this in earlier but I've been lazy. So here goes:
*pic of your favorite Official MADE Series artwork*
*weirdest TOP instagram post* Honestly I like all of his post but this was the only thing I could put. So he recently posted this pic of sea urchins. It actually resembles a tongue to me. Anyway, I guess he loves to eat them so I was curious as to what it actually taste like and found out that what you're eating is sea creatures gonads.......i don't think i want to try that.
*pic, vid, or gif of a Big Bang member playing an instrument* I know. My world revolves around Choi Seung Hyun. I can't help it.
*clip, or full episode of BBTV with eng subs*
*seungri on a boat* Number 1 is definitely my fav.
*3 pics of Mnets MPD w/any number of Nig Bang members*
*Taeyang Fan Art*
*what is Hwangtaeji?* Hwangtaeji consists of GDragon, Taeyang, and Kwanghee. They performed their song Mapsosa on Infinite Challenge music festival and the song ranked No. 1 on MelOn's charts.
*what is your favorite thing about Daesung and why* My favorite is his side profile. The man has the best profile out of the members. Daesung has such a manly face and it shows on the profile pics. Plus i like the way his nose is shaped.
*what is your favorite GDragon hairstyle and what you love about it* My favorite is this one he had when we saw them in on Saturday in Jersey. I love this hairstyle because of the little rope design coming from his sideburn. And he looks good when his hair is up from his forehead. But coming in at number two would be his red hair from Bang Bang Bang. He wears the color Red so well.
*pic of kids cosplaying as Big Bang*
*Tell me something about Big Bang I don't know* In my search, I found out that Taeyang once had a nightmare about a unicorn riding his mom.....i didn't know that.
Extra credit
*what are you eating?* Nothing, but when i started this i was drinking coffee.
*What does the image make me think of* This is from one of my favorite early 90s movies. Kai doesn't have markings etched in his skin but it resembles this to me. Honestly when I first got into EXO and this part of the video came up, Kai scared me. Lol.
Ok that about does it. I hope you enjoyed viewing as much as I enjoyed creating. Thank you!! @satinskies @bulletproofv
I know this is not you guys but i just couldn't resist. Did you know there was a show called The Mod Squad?? Lol, @helixx @jiyonngleo @catchyacrayon @kwonofakind @lovetopia
@helixx lol, omg i know. i was laughing so hard when i learned about that too. 馃槉
Not only did Taeyang have a dream about a unicorn riding his mom, but when asked in 2002 what love is, he answered "Diarrhea". I'm laughing like an idiot right now.
Yes TOP even mentioned on his caption: Wuli (Korean name sound like Uni)... I love u ( To show how much he love Uni)
HAHA! The cosplay kids were precious!
omgosh, yes they were. @khrystinalee