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Hello, fellow Shawols! ❤️ This time we are looking at how the members of SHINee should be approached in a fight and how they would react to it. As always, tell me if you think any of my predictions about the members' behavior are off or inaccurate. We're going in orderly fashion yet again, from Maknae to oldest member. Without further ado, let the fight begin!

Taemin :: 이태민

Yes, yes, our beloved Maknae. Once upon a time, Taemin was just a cute innocent little Maknae who couldn't hurt a fly. Oh, how times have changed. These days, he slays fangirls left and right with his abs and his sassy smile. Which is exactly why his opponent must not underestimate him. He is going to lure you in with his soft beautiful voice, an angelic smile on his lips and right when he has you hooked, he will sprout devil horns, wings and a tail and stab you with his three-tipped spear, casting you down into the fires of hell where you will forever relive your devastating loss. Most likely Winner Taemin

Minho :: 최민호

Minho is many things. Sweet, kind and lovely. Underneath all that, however, he is also insanely competitive. On a normal day, he wouldn't even think about fighting someone, hell, they could get hurt. But, at the prospect of a friendly fighting competition, he would bite hook, line and sinker. His sweet doe-eyed smile would turn into Beast!Ho's determined glare in .0001 seconds and once his opponent got a good look at his ripped body, his opponent would quickly realize that this usually friendly creature is not someone to mess around with in a fight. One wrong move and you could end up in the dust, so a cautious, calculated approach would be the best line of action. Most likely Winner Minho

Key :: 김기범

Let's be honest, Key would see any kind of fight, be it friendly or not, as beneath his dignity. There's no reason to risk getting himself hurt or to get his beautiful face damaged, so he would "tss" you and turn away without a second glance. Which is why (sorry, Key) my advised point of action would be: go for his face. If his face were attacked, he would immediately turn into a fighting machine and do everything in his power to protect his face from any damage. Go for any other part of his body apart from his face and he wouldn't give a damn about a fight, so threatening his visage is your only chance at getting a battle out of him. Be careful, though, those cheekbones can cut glass. Most likely Winner Key (hey, I only told you how to get him to fight, I never said you would win 😏)

Jonghyun :: 김종현

Ah, our beautiful main vocal with the voice of an angel and the body of a god. Let's be honest here, even though he could use his physical strength and skills to fight against any opponent if necessary, he wouldn't need to. All he would need to do would be to bust out those long, heavenly high-notes that can transport anyone who hears them straight to heaven, and his opponent wouldn't even be mad about losing. Most likely Winner Jonghyun

Onew :: 이진기

Onew would accept the challenge. He would get mentally ready and prepare himself for the fight of his life, promising to give it his all. Buuut, just as he is about to take the first step toward his opponent once the battle officially started, he would find his way blocked by a horde of Shawols. Because, of course, like VIXX's leader N, SHINee's leader Onew is also a sweet, innocent angel that must be protected at all costs. Just look at him the wrong way and the Shawol Warriors will rip you to pieces and burn them to ash. Onew understands this. He is really touched by our devotion to him but he also wants to prove to us that he can stand his own ground. So, he would gently push us aside with that sweet kind smile we all know and love, and face his opponent. Is he strong enough to win? Only time will tell. Most likely Winner Even if the opponent won the fight, he would still be the loser, because now he would have the Shawol Warriors to face, and they wouldn't go home until after getting revenge for Onew's loss
This one was really fun to write. 😊 What do you guys think, could you see a fight with SHINee go down that way?

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