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Voodoo Doll Member: Hakyeon Group: VIXX He couldn't remember how they had gotten into this situation. How they ended up being some kind of plaything for that evil woman. He sat calmly on the couch that was offered in his tiny room and stared out at the younger men. Hongbin, who had lost his mind quite a while ago, watched the woman with a sick smile. Ravi, who had started to lose his mind, slammed his hand against the glass once again. Hyuk, still sane, leaned against the tree in his room. Leo, the ever quiet, was turned around and stared blankly at the TVs in his room. Ken, always loud and full of energy, stared blankly out into space. And then there's her. His girlfriend. He didn't know where she was. When they had first gotten taken by the crazy bitch with a voodoo doll, he had heard her screams of pain from another part of the building. Those screams had at least comforted him she was still alive. However, those screams had grown silent after a while. He had to assume she was dead. Although he couldn't remember exactly how they got I got this mess, he felt as if he were to blame. He was the leader, the oldest, he was supposed to protect them and now they got sucked in this hell hole. They were tortured every day for the enjoyment of some crazy bitch with a doll. Hongbin's psychotic laugh brought Hakyeon back to the present as the crazy bitch walked around the room, trailing a finger on the edges of their enclosures. She stopped in front of Hakyeon's and smiled wickedly as he lunged towards her, the rings pierced in his skin pulling painfully as he reached the end of the leashes she kept on them. "I have a present for you, pet. If you're good, I just might give it to you. Deal?" She purred, running her finger along the broken glass in front of him. He glared at her, his voice had died out a while ago. He found out yelling at her had done nothing but put the other men through pain as she punished him using the doll. She motioned for him to step back and go to the couch. When he complied, she smiled and walked out of the room. Hongbin's gaze flicked over to his leader and he cracked the same manic grin as Hakyeon stared at the room's exit. Leo had turned around and grabbed onto the fencing that kept him inside. His gaze flickered between where Hakyeon was looking and Hakyeon himself. Ken too walked forward to see what said present was meant to be. Hyuk simply looked up, not moving. Ravi had his gaze trained on Hakyeon as if he knew what was coming next. The distinct sound of chains rattling across the ground filled the air. The woman returned with a smile on her face and she pulled on the chains, yanking her into view. Hakyeon stood up and slowly walked forward, his heart dropping. Her face had grown pale and hollow. Her eyes numb and dull. She had grown very skinny. The t-shirt and pants they had last seen her in were ripped and stained. The skin that was exposed had bruises, cuts, burns, stitches, and pieces of metal littered all over. Her face remained unmarred except for a long cut from her temple to her jaw on the left side of her face. Rings matching his were pierced into her skin on her shoulders and there were even two pierced through the skin between her middle finger and her ring finger. Hakyeon realized that although he had missed her, he was relieved by the thought that she was dead because she wouldn't have had to go through the torture the others have. He had wished that she had died so she wouldn't be in pain. But here she was, in a worse state than he could have ever imagined. "I have had quite a lot of fun with this one. You see, I didn't make her connected to a doll, it's been too much fun playing with her without it." The woman smiled, running a hand across his girlfriend's cheek. She didn't react at all, just kept her eyes staring off into space. "She hasn't eaten or drank anything in a while. She refuses to. I suppose she's lost the will to live. And since you're such a good pet, I figured, why not reward you and let you be with her while she dies?" The woman said, yanking her chains and pulling her to Hakyeon's cage. He stepped closer and tried to get his girlfriend to look at him, but her lifeless eyes were looking somewhere else. Her mind was somewhere else. "Although. Maybe she doesn't deserve to go in with you. Maybe she should go in with this one." The bitch said, pulling her to Hongbin's cage. Hongbin's eyes widened and he grasped out for her. Before all of this happened, she was quite close with Hongbin. Before he had lost his mind, he would have taken good care of her, but now no one could be sure. He seemed to recognize her even though her face had changed and all the life and happiness that she was known for had died out. "No. Please. Let me see her." Hakyeon said, his voice rough with lack of use. She turned around and smiled, pulling his girlfriend with her. "Alright. I suppose I could let you have her. You always were my favorite." She pushed the lifeless girl forward. Hakyeon stepped forward, causing the woman to glare at him. She didn’t like how he was acting so rashly. “Step away, pet,” She warned him, lowly. The lifeless girl raised her eyes to his face. A faint emotion flashed across her face before disappearing again. Hakyeon took another step forward, eyes not wavering from his girlfriend. The woman sighed angrily and walked back to the table where the damned doll lies. Picking it up, she stabbed it in the stomach, causing yells of pain to echo around the room as every man dropped to their knees, clutching their stomachs. “Go back to the couch.” She pointed at Hakyeon who stood up and took a couple steps back before she stabbed the doll in the leg, causing him to crumple onto the couch. The pain didn’t disappear like he expected it to once he was on the couch. Instead, it spread to his head. The other men were in just as much pain as him, causing him to worry more about them than himself. He should have known she’d be pissed when he didn’t listen. He had learned that lesson when they had first got there. Anytime he disobeyed her, the others would suffer. There was the shuffle of chains and then the pain stopped. Hakyeon let out a shaky breath then opened his eyes to see the woman moving out of the room, leaving the doll in its usual place on the table. He sat up quickly, seeing his girlfriend standing in the corner of the room, staring at the wall. “Jagi..?” He asked, quietly. He was testing the waters to see if she was still all there, unlike Hongbin and Ravi. She made no move or sound. It was like she didn’t hear him at all. He tried to move closer to her, but she was out of his reach with his tethers. “Jagiya,” He said a little louder. “Hyung..? Is she okay..?” Hyuk’s voice echoed quietly through the room. It was the first time he’s heard one of the others talk in weeks. “I’m…not sure…” He glanced over to the other. Hyuk was standing as close as he could get to try and see his friend. “She’s not answering me..” He trailed off, looking at the horrific state his girlfriend was in. Suddenly, she started to sway gently. Hakyeon took a surprised step back. He wasn't sure what she was doing until her legs gave out. He tried to leap forward to catch her, but only managed to pull painfully at his tethers once again. Glancing at the one on his arm, he could see blood trickling out. She finally let out a sound, a quiet groan. Hakyeon wondered what she had to deal with while away from them all this time. "Jagi, come here. Sit on the couch and rest." He said softly, crouching to her level. When she fell, she landed a little closer to him and he was able to brush the tips of his fingers on her bruised shoulder. She slowly raised her head at his touch. Once their eyes connected, he let a soft smile spread on his lips for the first time in such a long time. "Hak...Hakyeonie..?" She asked, her eyes narrowing. Her voice sounded even worse than his. Her screams from before echoed in his mind as he looked at all the cuts and burns on her. “Yeah, jagi it’s me. I’m here. Hakyeonie’s here.” He soothed her, reaching a hand out for her. She stared at it, then looked at him. Hakyeon was about to say something else to her, but was cut off by her body going completely limp and landing on the floor. “Hyung? What’s happening?” Ken’s voice asked. Hakyeon quickly pressed his fingers to her neck, checking for a pulse. “She passed out.” Hakyeon let out a breath of relief and gently pulled her closer to him so he could lift her onto the couch. She was definitely lighter than the last time he had been with her. “How bad is it?” Ken asked, not moving from the back of his room. “I’m not sure, she has a lot of cuts and burns for sure…” Hakyeon trailed off, not wanting to think of what that bitch had done to his girlfriend. He looked over to see Hongbin staring at him with his eyebrows furrowed in confusion. He still had a psychotic look to him, but something was different. His eyes moved to the girl on the couch, looking more confused. Ravi seemed to recognize her, but didn’t do anything other than stare at her. Leo stared at her and grasped the fence so hard his knuckles were white. She was like a little sister to him so he was pissed that someone would hurt her. She was the nicest person he knew, would never hurt a fly. Hakyeon gently picked up her hand and looked at the ring pierced in it. It had to hurt like hell when it was done. It was definitely red and irritated. Maybe even infected. Her hair was a matted mess. His anger started to boil the more he looked at her, the more injuries he saw. He let his mind wander to happier times. When all seven of them went to an amusement park and one of the others convinced him to take her into the haunted house, resulting in both of them screaming like little girls, her crying, and him grabbing her hand and running out before he could cry along with her. For payback, she dragged him to the petting zoo and watched as he was scared by the pigs that moved close to him as she held a rabbit in her arms, laughing at her so-called manly boyfriend. Or when they went on their last date and he took her to an aquarium and tried to copy all the fish faces he could, just to make her laugh before they went and got ice cream. He ended up tripping and spilling his ice cream all down her shirt, making her hit him in the arm because he ruined her favorite shirt. He thought of the fact that if she came over to their house and he was busy, she would sneak into Hongbin’s room and steal one of his books to read in the living room next to the window so she could look out at the beautiful scenery of Seoul. He could never get over how beautiful she looked with the sun in her hair as she sat neatly, reading a book. And if she didn’t want to read, she’d play with Hongbin and Hyuk. Sometimes they would play tag, sometimes they would play hide and seek, and sometimes they’d make up games to play. She would sometimes even get Leo to play with them. She would even help Ravi with his music or would just mess around with him, making sure everyone in the group was happy. That’s what she felt her job was, become the group’s shoulder to lean on. After what could have been hours, she had finally woke up. He began to wonder when the last time she slept was as her eyes were brightly bloodshot when she opened them. As a reflex, she lurched away from him when she saw him, her chains rattling loudly. “Shh. Jagi, it’s just me. It’s just Hakyeonie.” He cooed, pulling away from her and putting his hands up, signaling he wasn’t going to hurt her. Confusion set in her expression as she looked around. “Hyung? Is she awake?” Hyuk asked. Leo, who had turned around again, looked eagerly out to Hakyeon. “Yeah.” Hakyeon answered, cocking his head to the side and looked at his girlfriend. She was staring intently at the doll on the table. She wasn’t connected to it, so he didn’t understand why she was so interested in it. Suddenly, she turned towards him and grabbed his arm roughly, quickly untying the tethers that kept him there. “What are you doing?” He asked, knowing perfectly well that she was freeing him. “She’s not here. She always leaves around now. Looking for more pets.” She whispered to him, her voice too weak to talk at normal volume. When she fully untied him, she motioned to the others and he helped her get out of the room they were trapped in so they could get the others out. Hakyeon went straight to Hyuk and got him out while she went to Hongbin. She stared at him through the glass then noticed the way that he got put in there, the entire glass wall acted like a door. Walking back over to the table, she grabbed a random metal rod and walked back to Hongbin, prying open the wall and setting him free. Once she was done with him, she moved to Ravi while Hakyeon moved to Leo. Once they got Ken out, she pushed them roughly to the door. “Go.” She said simply. “What do you mean? Aren’t you coming?” Hyuk asked. She shook her head and nudged them again. “I’ll need to stop her from bringing you back. Go.” She pushed again. They all looked at her with nervous eyes before walking out. Hakyeon refused to move. “I’m not leaving without you.” “I’ll escape too. Just go, trust me.” She pushed him harder. Reluctantly, he ran out of the room and she walked back over to Hakyeon’s room and sat on the couch, waiting for the bitch to return. She sat with the voodoo doll next to her. After a while, the woman returned to the room. “Oh pets~” She sang, walking in and noticing that all the rooms were empty except for Hakyeon’s. “What did you do?” She growled. “Saved them.” “Give me that doll so I can get them back and I can kill you and make an example of what happens when you cross me.” “No.” The next few moments were a blur, but the voodoo bitch ended up with the doll and Hakyeon’s girlfriend was lying on the ground next to the table with her abdomen bleeding heavily. The bitch was stabbing repeatedly at the doll and yells were echoing from all around the mansion. At some point, Hongbin ended up back in the room and she was putting more things into his arm. He sat there motionless. The woman on the floor pulled herself up and gave the bitch a taste of her own medicine, killing her. After she killed her, voices echoed throughout the room and everything went black. Her eyes opened to a white ceiling. Looking around, she noticed that she was in a hospital. Hakyeon was in the bed next to her, staring at her. “Jagi! You’re awake.” He called out happily. “You’re safe now it’s okay. We’re all safe.” He comforted her. We’re all safe.
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