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It's that time of year again. Saint Valentine's Day is just around the corner and in the spirit of the season, I took it upon myself to undertake this screenshot quiz. A sacrifice, I know. I was tagged by @ashleyemmert Let Cupid's arrows fly where they may!
---Captures your heart--- He sure did! I was never expect to love him as much as I do.
---Steals you away--- Whhaaaaattt!!! I ain't complaining. Steal me any time you want, Kookie.
---Calls you every night before you go to sleep-- Aww! I wouldn't mind one bit falling asleep to that rich baritone of his. Talk to me, daddy.
---Carries you home when you're drunk--- Would he carry me on his back, a la kdrama style? Because that would be a dream come if he did!
---Steals a kiss from you--- Hobi!! Oh you!! There's more where that came from ;)
---Really wants your attention--- And what is he doing about it, I wonder? I kinda like jealous Jungkook. Just come here, Kookie ♡
---The True Valentine--- I feel like this is like "How I Met Your Mother" but it's instead, "How I Ended Up with Your Super Sexy Korean Daddy." And I'm a hundred percent okay with that! Come to me, my lovely Jimin!!
Well that was fun!! Which member of BTS is your Valentine? Hit me up! Let me know if you want to be tagged and what not and so have you.
How I ended up with your super sexy Korean daddy 😂😂😂@ScarletMermaid
@ashleyemmert wouldn't that be the best show ever? especially if it was a true story...about me :P
I would be a die hard fan 😂@ScarletMermaid