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So this week it is what is your ideal valentines day with your date. Well we all know how Suga is and to be honest I'm kinda the same.
First things first, we need a blanket fort because yes
Always have to make sure there is a TV in said fort.
All the movies/ dramas, for him the more action ones.
Look handmade pizza in the shape of a heart.
Fill up the rest of the empty void with some fantastic "shitty takeout".
For dessert we can have the "Be my valentine" fancy cakes. Yes little Debbie's because they are cheap and tasty.
Of course you can't forget the matching pajamas. What better than his favorite bear.
Yep the perfect date is a night in under a blanket fort. Because who needs people when you have each other!!!!
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@SugaOnTop 😢don't worry I will have my day 😃☝
yes those little cakes are friggen awesome and I may just have to steal the fort idea for a date some day 😄
oh! and don't forget to change pink princess to @PrincessUnicorn in your list if you haven't ^_^
@MadAndrea thank you I did not know
@SugaOnTop omg I love it!!! SO Sugaperfect!!!