So my beautiful friend @AimeeH started this super mean devious challenge and since I love her, I thought I should give it a try! The Rules: 1. Choose 15 of your favorite biases. Don't worry about putting them in any particular order. 2. Answer the Questions. 3. Just have Fun!! ♡♡♡♡
Here are my 15 biases : (Definitely not an exhaustive list so sorry for omitting some babies) 1. Hyunseung - Beast 2. Daesung - Big Bang 3. Peniel - BtoB 4. Yugyeom - Got7 5. Jinyoung - B1A4 6. Jooheon - Monsta X 7. Jungshin - CNBlue 8. Jimin - BTS 9. Yongseok - Cross Gene 10. Dongwoo - Infinite 11. Dokyum - Seventeen 12. Zelo - BAP 13. Ricky - Teen Top 14. Bobby - iKon 15. Key - SHINee
Q1) Between 4 & 14: Who would You be more apt to marrying? I am dying that this ended up between Bobby and Yugyeom. Sounds like @ChelseaJay and her dreams. Anyway, Yugyeom and I would never ever ever date, let alone get married. Bobby has a much sweeter presence even though he has a cocky air, but I could see past that. So my choice is Bobby!! ☆Q2) Between 1 & 5: Who would you Sing/Rap with? Hmm. Hyunseung versus Jinyoung to duet with me... Well my options are both super nasal voiced guys. Hyunseung has experience with duets with women and I mean I don't mind doing a sexy concept like Trouble Maker, especially with Hyunseung. That being said, I will pick Jinyoung. He has an ability to adapt to whatever style of music he decides to make at the time, and he can also fluctuate his tone a bit more than he lets on. Plus he seems great to work with. ☆Q3) Between 6 & 13: Which one would you introduce to your Family? Ricky or Jooheon, this one is actually way harder than I thought it would be... Ricky, I am so sorry precious baby but... I'm going with Jooheon. He is very sweet, adorable, and the only bias my sister and I share. So why wouldn't I want her to meet him??!! ☆Q4) Between 2 & 8: Who would be your best friend? DAESUNG OR JIMIN???? Battle of the most lovely people. What the heck... Well I would be friends with both by what I know. But my final choice will be Daesung. Literally the only reason I picked him over Jimin was because he was older than me and not younger like Jiminie Cricket. I think that dynamic would be better. ☆Q5) Between 3 & 15: Who Would you want to kiss More? The easiest one so far!!!!! Peniel aka Donggeun is my babe. Like wife me up right now. We shall kiss on the altar when we are announced husband and wife. Sorry Key, you aren't my kiss type. And I don't know, but I'm guessing I'm not yours either. ☆Q6) Between 7 & 12: Who Would you Rather nurse back to health. I don't want Jungshin or Zelo to be sick! But this one is pretty easy. From what I know of Jungshin, I think we are extremely similar. Which means he is a pain in the ass when sick. Zelo is much younger than me so he couldn't be too rude, and he is such a free spirit he would probably be so goofy even when he is sick. So my final choice is Zelo. ☆Q7) Between 9 & 11: Who is the better Singer/Rapper? Yongseok, one of the main singers of Cross Gene, or Seokmin, a vocal line babe of Seventeen. Both very important vocals in their groups. Yongseok is older, but I think DK is a better vocalist. He has such a power and charm to his voice and when he sings live it's ridiculously skilled. ☆Q8) Between 10 & 3: Who would get along with your friends more? I'm sorry Dongwoo, you are incredibly delightful and I'm sure my friends would love you, but Peniel is the answer hands down. He is my bias because he reminds me a lot of people I would hang out with. Plus high school Peniel looks like a kid I hung out with back then. It cracks me up. ☆Q9) Between 8 & 15: Who Would you Date? Jimin or Key, easy choice. I apologize Key, but as I said before, I just don't think we would work romantically. Jimin is ridiculously lovely and caring, smart, and goofy. He is a no brainer as who I would date. ☆Q10) Between 1 & 7: Who would you cook for? So basically who do I want to torture because I am a damn terrible cook. I actually really don't want to subject Hyunseung to this, so I will go with Jungshin. Jungshin is, in my mind, like me and we would have a fun time making fun of my cooking. ☆Q11) Between 4 & 12: Who would make you laugh the most? Yugyeom, you would make me laugh for sure but more in a shut up you little douche whom I love. Go sit in the corner. Now Zelo, definitely a goof who would just dance and smile and act like an idiot. Definitely my type. So my choice will have to be Zelo. ☆Q12) Between 3 & 13: Who Has the most Contagious Smile? You had to lose some time Peniel, but it was close. You have beautifully imperfect teeth and such a bright grin. BUT. Ricky is literally sunshine. He has flawless facials, and his smile is no joke. ☆Q13) Between 5 & 10: Who would make the better father/mother? Both would be great dads, and Jinyoung is the leader of his boys, but Dongwoo is definitely the winner here. When Infinite went to that daycare, he tried so hard for the kids to like him. He's kind and a hard worker. ☆Q14) Between 6 & 9: Who would you rather be stuck on an isolated Island With? Yongseok is a little shit. I would probably be so annoyed on that isolated island. I love you, but you a mess boo. Now Jooheon would rap to keep his skills intact so I could listen to that, he's very cute and friendly and funny, also he could bail water with his dimples. Definitely my choice.
That was so hard! Too lazy to tag people, so if you want to do this please do!!!!!
@baileykayleen ily though. and at least you didn't lie. that is my dream, lol. lucky for me, i did get yugyeom for that question.
Uh you are very smart for #1. I would have 🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪 if you had chosen Yugyeom. Also, just know that Bobby is already married to me so any marrying you do will be invalid.
@ChelseaJay so basically #1 is null and void. Got it.