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I've been really into Undertale recently, so I thought I would draw some charcters! I am taking art requests, so comment who you want me to draw, if you do, and I'll draw it and post it tagging you! Characters I'm avoiding because difficulty but will not deny request: Sans, Papyrus, Undyne, Amalgyms (Idk), Bratty, Catty, TEMMIE! (Jk) ASRIEL DREEMUR (Boss version, normal child form is fine) Characters I have not drawn: Alpyhs, Temmie, the doggies, Toriel, Chara, Frisk.
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nice but you forgot sans also you should draw Ace (One Piece)
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@Mcboss I did list that I haven't drawn Sans yet. I can't draw anime even if it's for my life X3
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@GoldenCael. i must of missed what you said sorry
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@Mcboss That's ok :3 HOI! I M TEMIE
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