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So in case you can't read my handwriting: Upcoming imagines based off songs One Shot - Daehyun - B.A.P - Angst Take You There - Zelo - B.A.P - Fluff Just Right - Jackson - GOT7 - Fluff Stop It pt 2 - Daehyun - B.A.P - Fluff Thank You.. Pt 2 - Ravi - VIXX - Fluff 20 - Jihoon - 17 - Fluff Be The Light - Yukwon - Block B - Fluff Danger - J-Hope - BTS - Angst (forgot to write down) Requested already: Hold Me Tight - Namjoon - BTS - Fluff Haru Haru - T.O.P - Big Bang - Fluff Feel free to request as some of these may not happen. Imagines for: Big Bang, BTS, Block B, GOT7, B.A.P, VIXX, Seventeen. Would be awesome if you already had a song and genre in mind.
@drummergirl691 😉 Big Bang was the first group I got into so I may have done way too much "research" aka stalking everything related to them
@drummergirl691 yeah I know, but Seungri has said before he doesn't want to be called by his real name
@drummergirl691 well I love me some Seunghyun.
@celeste2655 alright. Angst or fluff or both?
@MaeLyn I actually started to scare myself with how excited I got over them. 😨
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