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Created by @KhrystinaLee
Takes you on a midnight motorcycle ride As long as you're not trying to steal me away from the other J in the JJ Project...actually can we just go for a nice stroll? I'm not too fond of motorcycles
Holds your hands and stares deeply into your eyes 😍...*ahem* I mean 😎 what's up?
Confesses his love for you *fangirling intensifying*
Dreams of you every night but knows you don't see him Aw I'm sorry Jinyoung but Jaebum's got that whole awkward leader/ beaver/ grandpa thing going for him
Steals you away on a sexy romantic boat ride Well alright. I like boats. Boats are cool. Romantic and sexy is cool. Jaebum is cool. I am...not cool.
Can't decide if he wants to kiss you or make love to you Whoa whoa whoa back the fuck up Youngjae!
Your tattooed sweetheart has arrived Well damn..
I got my bias and two bias wreckers...well then...