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*sigh* I saw this challenge and sucker that I am, I couldn't resist. No one tagged me but I'm very good at torturing myself by myself, so here we go. xD Challenge created by @AimeeH


1| Choose 15 of your favorite biases. Don't worry about putting them in any particular order. 2| Answer the questions. 3| Just have fun!

The Biases in Question

1| Taemin (SHINee) 2| Leo (VIXX) 3| Ren (Nu'est) 4| Onew (SHINee) 5| Jungshin (CNBLUE) 6| Baekho (Nu'est) 7| Jackson (GOT7) 8| Jonghyun (SHINee) 9| Aron (Nu'est) 10| Ravi (VIXX) 11| Kyuhyun (Super Junior) 12| Yonghwa (CNBLUE) 13| N (VIXX) 14| Woozi (Seventeen) 15| Vernon (Seventeen)

The Questions + Results

Q1| Between 4 {Onew} & 14 {Woozi}: Who would you be more apt to marrying? Woozi is cute but a bit too young, and Onew gives me all the butterflies in my tummy. :3 Plus, he's great dad material. Q2| Between 1 {Taemin} & 5 {Jungshin}: Who would you sing/rap with? Even though Taemin has a beautiful singing voice, I think having a little jam session with Jungshin would be more fun. We would probably laugh through the entire thing. xD Q3| Between 6 {Baekho} & 13 {N}: Which one would you introduce to your family? Baekho is super sweet and nice and I love him and his singing voice very much, but I would go with N because he's a literal angel. :) Sorry, Baekho. :'( Q4| Between 2 {Leo} & 8 {Jonghyun}: Who would be your best friend? I wish I could say Leo, but realistically speaking, I think Jonghyun and I would hit it off better. :'3 Q5| Between 3 {Ren} & 15 {Vernon}: Who would you want to kiss more? They're both a lot younger than I am (Ren by 7 years and Vernon by 10 years), so I wouldn't really think about either of them that way, but since Vernon is still underage, it would be inappropriate to kiss him, so I would kiss Ren. Q6| Between 7 {Jackson} & 12 {Yonghwa}: Who would you rather nurse back to health? Let's be real here, Jackson would be constantly whining and ordering me to get this and that and that other thing, too, and I wouldn't get a second's rest. Yonghwa would whine, too, but he would make it cute and laugh when I'm panicking about getting things for him, and he would tell me to take my time but not too long, which is why I would choose him. Q7| Between 9 {Aron} & 11 {Kyuhyun}: Who is the better singer/rapper? Kyuhyun is a great singer and he has a wonderful voice, but I don't know how good at rapping he is. Aron on the other hand is a great rapper and he has his own great singing style and voice color (I love his raw singing in Action), so even though I love Kyuhyun, I would choose Aron. Q8| Between 10 {Ravi} & 3 {Ren}: Who would get along with your friends more? Honestly, Ravi would get along well with my best friend, the three of us could have a great time together. Ren on the other hand would get along really well with my squad of younger friends, he would fit right in. So, I would choose both. Q9| Between 8 {Jonghyun} & 15 {Vernon}: Who would you date? Again, Vernon would be too young, so I would choose Jonghyun (and how could I not, I mean, look at that man!). Q10| Between 1 {Taemin} & 7 {Jackson}: Who would you cook for? This one is actually really hard because this scenario would be pretty much the same with either of them. Both of them would tease me, both of them would immediately point out any mistakes and both of them would play whiny brat when it's taking too long. But, I think Taemin would be the first to cheer me up once I've had enough with his tantrums, so with a tiny distance of a lead, I would pick him. Q11| Between 4 {Onew} & 12 {Yonghwa}: Who would make you laugh the most? Even though I think Yonghwa is the goofier one of the two, all it would take Onew to make me laugh would be to smile his gorgeous smile at me while staring at my face teasingly. I would be all giggles in no time. Q12| Between 3 {Ren} & 13 {N}: Who has the most contagious smile? Ren does a beautiful, gorgeous smile but I do think N's smile is much more contagious. Take one look at his happy face and you can't help but feel happy and smiley, too. :3 Q13| Between 5 {Jungshin} & 10 {Ravi}: Who would make the better father? This is a hard one. I think both would make great dads. However, I get the feeling Jungshin might be a bit too teasing in his parenting, which could annoy his children over time, while Ravi has a very strong protective instinct. He wouldn't let anything happen to his children, so I think at this point, he might be the better father. Q14| Between 6 {Baekho} & 9 {Aron}: Who would you rather be stuck on an isolated island with? This is a hard one. Both Baekho and Aron are extremely fun to be around. Both would be very useful. Honestly, I can't decide. I choose both.
These are my choices. A lot of them were really hard to make and I guess we'll see if I'll be able to live with them and sleep now. xD What choices would you guys have made? Do agree? Or no? :3