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Do you guys think dragon ball would be better if it were girls fighting ,.. Kind of like a reverse gender thing? Honestly I have no idea why I thought up this question 馃槄 if I had to chose I like the original! What do you guys think?? Feel free to comment!!

I would be could be cool but I still don't know if frieza a boy or girl also goku would be the one to get pregnant with male chichi so gohan would be a girl too ? and bardock would be. ......... and also krilllin I wonder what a female namakian looks like roshi would be a perv to males ? to much confusion * mind blown *
@Majestical I could see Chichi fighting while pregnant, actually. Cold and calm, but seething with fury, "Did. You. Just. Punch. My. Belly???!!" Kamehameha, without all the yelling...just BLAST, and the enemy is disintegrated.
if there was also females fighting.... not like Pan more like the other Z fighter than yes it would have been wayssss better....
@LittleHorn I agree with you as far as pan goes cause they have yet to show her true skill and if she is able to access the super sayian ability like her family on her dad's side
Lol characters not crackers
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