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Warning: This contains a lot of triggering subjects, and for that reason, I’m rating it +18.

What was…?Lately, there was a faceless person on his dreams. The guy who kept coming to visit him once gave it a name, but it was too far away for him to remember. Everything in his memory had turned into shapeless blurs, and for some reason he was okay with that. He knew it would happen eventually. But that face… It just felt important. Too important. Like… Like… Who was the girl in the white dress dancing around the living room? Why did it make him smile to think of how happy she was? Why did her embrace make him feel safe? The guy told him about her once. Said she loved him no matter what, and that she’d never forget him. That faceless, shapeless person somehow made him feel like he loved her too. But it was fading away again… Even the feeling was starting to turn to dust. He was disappearing. Even his own name was gone. He had lost everything. And his consciousness, it was start to get lost into the distance… His vision was getting blurry, his body felt weird, like if it was floating. And in the background, there was a weird beeping sound, followed by some people talking loudly. It didn’t take long for it to fade away though.“Memories crumble like dried flower petals at the tip of my fingers, under my feet, right behind your back.” - RunIt was time to find out the truth.Jungkook had been following Jimin for weeks, desperately trying to find out what had happened to Hoseok. No one ever said a word about it in the gang, but everyone had been thinking about it. He could see it in the way Jin and Namjoon looked around and then at each other right before any robbery. He could see it in the way Taehyung always seemed a little bit sad and lonely when they were having fun. He could see it when Yoongi acted a lot more aggressively than usual. Jimin, though, was different. He always seemed beaten down, too tired and a lot older than his age. There was guilt in his eyes, and Jungkook knew something was terribly wrong ever since the night he spotted his friend getting out of Y/N’s house. He couldn’t believe it. Not only because Jimin was always the most loyal between them and would never betray a friend like that, but also because he had seen Y/N and Hoseok together. Somehow it just felt right, and none of them ever looked even a little bit inclined to ruin that. So he decided to investigate it before talking to the others.He followed Jimin to the hospital multiple times, but never entered it after him. He didn’t know exactly why, but maybe a little part of him had known all along what had happened and he just didn’t want to admit it. That day, though, he decided he had pushed it away for enough time, and now he’d stop being a coward.Going through the hallways, he didn’t know what to expect. There was a lady behind the counter, and he decided to ask her the question he couldn’t delay anymore.– Is there a Jung Hoseok here?“As if every autumn leaf has fallen, as if everything that seemed eternal is going further away.” - 고엽 Jimin was going back to the hospital, a little bit distracted, when he saw Yoongi coming his way in the distance. Frowning, he tried thinking of a reason why he might be there that didn’t involve any of the guys being hurt, but Yoongi wasn’t exactly the type to visit sick people unless they were close to death. It didn’t make it any better that he had teary eyes.– What’s wro-His words were interrupted by a punch, hitting straight on his cheekbone. The pain stroke in immediately as he fell to the ground from the impact. His eyes went wide as he looked at Yoongi ready to beat the living shit out of him. He probably would have, if Jin and Jungkook haven’t held his arms back while Namjoon started trying to calm him down.– You let him die, you fucking bastard! You let Hoseok die! – Yoongi yelled at him, which caused Jimin to stare blankly at him. No. It couldn’t be. It wasn’t the time yet.– Wha-what? He isn’t- not yet. The doctors said he had a couple more weeks-– He’s dead, you piece of shit! He’s fucking dead and it’s because of you! Because you fucking hid everything from us! We could have fucking treated him!– Hoseok made me promise I wouldn’t tell… – Some tears started to creep into Jimin’s eyes, but he held them in. It wasn’t the time to be emotional. – He made me keep it a secret. I had no choice.– Yes, you fucking had! Jimin looked away, the guilt striking in. He could have betrayed Hoseok, and saved him. He could have. What Yoongi, or any of the others, understood, though, was that if he had done it Hoseok would have ran away from them and died alone somewhere. He couldn’t let it happen. – Look, he had his reasons. I couldn’t just betray him.– And by reasons, you mean her. That bitch he’d been taking care of. It was because of her, wasn’t it? Jimin nodded and looked away as Yoongi pulled his arms away from Jin and Jungkook, starting to walk away without a single word. In the middle of the way, though, he changed his mind, coming back to Jimin.– If you ever cross my eyesight again, you’re dead. – There was almost poison on his bittersweet voice. “Saying that it’s my fault, you’re joking, right? Saying that it’s fair, oh, are you crazy? Saying that this is justice.” - 뱁새
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