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I have listened to Winner in the past and liked their songs, but honestly, I never paid close attention before today. This morning while playing around on YouTube, I saw their new video (Sentimental) and fell in love with the concept, the song, and their look. Of course then I had to find out more about who they are...

Song Minho, Stage name: Mino - Rapper and songwriter

His long hair in the video is what first caught my attention. Not many of these idols sport the long-hair look... I am a sucker for long pretty hair :0) Of course when I looked him up I realized he was the same Mino that did one of my favorite songs with Zico!

Kang Seung Yoon, Singer-songwriter, Leader - VERY CUTE

I found a song from 2013 that he did (solo?, and was impressed by his vocals and the rock sound.

Nam Tae Hyun, Singer/Actor

I learned that he debuted in his first web-based drama last year, "Midnight Girl," and apparently is on a reality-type show called "Actors School," where he cried and people made a big deal about it. I definitely like the blond-look he is sporting in the new video.

Lee Seunghoon, Rapper

Apparently he is a big fan of Yoo Jae Suk, famous comedian and host (Running Man, Infinite Challenge), and Seunghoon can be pretty spontaneous and fun himself!!

Kim Jin Woo, Lead Vocals, cute smile

Kim Jin Woo is making his acting debut as the lead in a joint Korean-Chinese drama called "Magic Cell Phone." I couldn't tell by looking when the drama is being released (or was released?), but considering how new he is to the acting scene, it is pretty awesome that his first role is as a lead!

WINNER - "Sentimental"

(credit to all the owners of the pictures and videos)
@PrettieeEmm @MattK95 @CreeTheOtaku makes sense and I like the sound of "Inner Circle! :-D
@PrettieeEmm @MattK95 now it makes sense
@MattK95 I knew it!! for one too dam shiny and then he's wearing a cap gd and taeyang have done the same thing with their "braids @CreeTheOtaku
@PrettieeEmm @CreeTheOtaku @JamiMilsap yeah it's a wig guys, if you think about it, he actually hasn't had time to grow out his hair, especially since it wasn't that long ago on SMTM4 he had the really short buzz cut...still what's important is that this song and group are amazing...Welcome to the Inner Circle @JamiMilsap (That's the fan name ^^)
I love Winner so much! <3. So glad you found out a bit more about them! :)
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