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Hiya Nakama! tbell2 here and here is the second installment of {February's Ships & Feels}! Check out yesterday's card here. Also follow this collection to see my response cards and others c:

So my favorite Romance/Slice of Life Anime had to be Ouran High School Host Club!!

This anime is soooo beautiful and has my forever waifu, Haruhi Fujioka, in it! It is so hilarious and also has just the right amount of feels and emotions to get me going and still gets me watching it over and over again XD <33
@MetalMorgan yayy okay I lopk forward to seeing it c:
I'll make a card like this later in the week :)
they need a season two like seriously
Awesome! Love this anime it's so funny and charming that you can't help but watch it.
@tbell2 it unfair how most show get season even season 3 but this show doesn't.
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