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I've never been much of a sneaker head.

I grew out of my sneaker phase in high school. I've always been a girly girl for the most part and when it came to my favorite pair of shoes, I always opted for a pair of boots. Moving to New York has made me very comfortable when it comes to my sense of fashion. Although I always felt like I dressed comfortably, I realized I wasn't dressing comfortable enough. The sneaker trend that has been on the brink lately as far as throwing on a pair of sneakers with something a little bit more feminine has definitely sparked my interest.
Since I'm in the city known for it's huge fashion culture, I figured I would take part in the trend as well -- and what other sneaker to do so with than a pair of Adidas Superstar's. After reading several reviews and going all over the city to try and find a spot that wasn't sold out, I finally got my hands on a pair and it was the best decision I've made in awhile. The idea of mixing something masculine with something much more feminine makes me warm inside. Whether you're a sneaker fan or not, keep scrolling to see a few ways you can rock the superstars and I assure you, you will be running to go grab a pair for yourself within minutes.

Are you loving the masculine meets feminine trend?

Would you rock a pair of Adidas Superstars?
I have a pair that I dance in and run errands in. I have fun fashioning outfits with them but I don't consider them super feminine. Thanks for the cool ideas, @jordanhamilton!
Yes, def casual wear @EasternShell
I dressed like this in High School. It's okay for casual.
No problem at all!! Yeah, I don't think they happen to be feminine at all, but I do enjoy the idea of adding something feminine to the look. Def running errand shoes @ButterflyBlu