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Could this be another comeback to add to our watch list?! Kwon Sang Woo is still considering the plot but I believe there is a high chance!! His last drama, King of Ambition wrapped up in April and he is not having any else on the plate for the moment. The plot, as described on dramabeans: Age of Feeling is set in 1930s Shanghai, and based on a manhwa by the same artist-creator who wrote the Damo manhwa, Park Hak-gi. The description is rather vague—we center around lives of young people and their “love and friendship, patriotism and ambition”— but it is an unusual setting for a Korean drama, and one that I hope gives it an extra kick of intrigue. The characters will span multiple nationalities—Korean, Chinese, Japanese—and I expect those politics to play a part. Originally the role was offered to Jun Ki, but he decided to go with '2 Weeks' instead (read about it here I'm glad that this happens because now we get BOTH KSW and LJK for latter of the year!! (seriously though, where do I get time to watch all of them?!)
@yazminyaz me too~ why do you like him?
omg I love him ^_^