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Hey Nakama! It's time to announce the last, final and (IMHO) the best category of them all in the Nakama Choice Awards!

The Best Anime of 2015

Which anime of 2015 was *the best*?

And apparently I got the job to handle this one...XD
This is just a introduction card so there is no voting but I would love to hear any suggestions of which anime *you* would like to see from this list, made by @hikaymm! :D

Nominations and votings will be announced next week, so if there is any anime you all guys are burning for...comment it here!

The more that anime is commented the higher chances it gets to be on the nominations

You can find the announcement-card here, and the rest of the announcements of the individual categories down below made by the rest of the Mod-team of the Japanese Anime Community: @InVinsybll @Danse @tbell2 @TylerDurso @hikaymm
1st Category: Best ED
2nd Category: Best OP
5th Category: Best Female Character
6th Category: Best Male Character
Oh and...sorry for an image using...paint...XD
If anyone's interested in doing some Photo-Shop/fan-art for this card, the voting/nominations-card and the winners card...hit me with a message :D
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food wars
2 years ago·Reply
your lie in April
2 years ago·Reply
One Punch Man for best opening. Overlord for best lead male character.
2 years ago·Reply
Whoa whoa. Hold up. I have not seen one nomination for Working!!! (season 3). Well I'll take the initiative. Wagnaria FTW!!!
2 years ago·Reply
Your Lie in April, Shokugeki no Soma, Parasyte, Charlotte, Plastic Memories, Jitsu wa watashi wa, Nisekoi S2
2 years ago·Reply