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Teeth of KPOP 2

Since you are only allowed to put so many pictures on each card, I had to make a second one lol @vanshalen

EXO's Baekhyun and Luhan!

I had her choose two, one from K and one from M and she came out with these two<3
Our Eyeliner Prince and little Deer!

Block B's Taeil!

Couldn't have chosen better myself (:
*cough-at least it's not my Zico or P.O-cough*
And just to add at the end, if we show one side of our BB boys, we have to show all sides of our BB boys :3
<3derp tae<3

Bangtan's Taehyung!

Who wouldn't fall for our little alien?
And let's face it, we gotta some baby Tae if we had Mama Baek
I hope you enjoyed this! It was really just for her enjoyment and a little medicine since she's sicky ): I'll add a little pre-debut Vernon to add some spark
made me smile. 😍
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