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On the biggest stage, Manning showed up and led his team to victory in Super Bowl 50.
At 39 years old, father time has been brutal to Manning this year, as the grizzled vet has suffered through countless injuries.
With that being said, Peyton found a way to play through the pain, and played well enough to lead the Broncos to another Super Bowl ring.

Can you ask for a better end to your career than Peyton had last night?

Rather than focus on his performance on the biggest stage, reporters kept bombarding Peyton with questions about retirement.
After it was over, Manning said he wasn't ready to say what comes next.
"I don't know the answer to that," Manning said. "I talked to [former NFL coach Tony Dungy] last week, and he called me [and said] 'I need to talk to you.' ... He got some good advice about not making an emotional decision, one way or the other. I thought that was good advice."
This year was rough on Manning, as he suffered through countless injuries and was forced to miss a handful of games.

Do you think that Peyton Manning will Retire after his victory last night in the Super Bowl?

I think he should definitely retire. He has nothing left to prove and can go out a champion.
Ahhh when is he going to announce it!!!!
@christianmordi your right he's not the same. One bad hit could also paralyze him.
@christopherkenn I hope he retires also but teams are def going to big heavy to bring him back. The Rams I know would pay top dollar for his services
@tylerdurso I think his subpar play has more tondo with his retirement than age. Favre and others played into their 40s
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