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The relationship between Marshawn Lynch, The Seahawks and the NFL has been murky to say the least.
The talented and well-spoken running back has bumped heads with Seattle's coaches and front office time and time again. Despite their issues, Lynch has been incredible for the team, as he led them to a Superbowl two years ago.
The star running back, who doesn't reveal much publicly, is privately telling some within the Seahawks organization that he plans to walk away from the game, according to
Sunday night, during the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl, he tweeted out the picture of his cleats along with a peace sign emoji.

Do you think it's time for Marshawn Lynch to retire from the NFL, or should he just move on from Seattle?

Thank you, Marshawn for what you have done for the Seahawks. I will miss seeing opposing D lines getting drug down the field and secondaries making "business decisions".
@kyleberke The Jags just drafted T.J. Yeldon from Alabama last year and he was pretty solid as a rookie. I think the Titans would've been a nice spot. Random throw out there on my end, but Giants would be a nice place too. There running game is WEAK
@mchylang yeah I feel you on this one brother, truly sad to see him gone
@christianmordi the Jaguars and Titans are two teams with plenty of cap space that need help in the backfield. If the Jaguars improved on defense they could take the next step and contend for a playoff berth.
Goodbye Beast Mode :(
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