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Hey Nakama <3
While the Winter 2016 season is still going on, I'm already thinking about things that are coming out later this year and getting EXCITED!!!!

Here's just a few anime I'm already excited for...


Airing in Summer 2016
The premise sounds pretty interesting - basically, he can rewrite his body to enhance his abilities. Pretty crazy, right? I've heard it compared to Clannad already in terms of mystery and romance, so that's exciting!

Girlish Number

Love Live: Sunshine!!

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And check out my ~new~ Spring 2016 Anime Collection for all the info about spring anime!

Annnnnnd one for summer, too!

So, what anime are you looking forward to?

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Attack on titan season 2
2 years agoReply
Also sao season 3
2 years agoReply
I'm looking forward to the rest of snow white with the red hair anime
2 years agoReply
AOT S2 馃槅 I'm so excited
2 years agoReply
one currently airing. ERASED. Amazing so far. soooooo good.
2 years agoReply
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