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January came and left.

February is officially upon us, which means new beauty products have hit the shelves. Get your pockets ready because you'll definitely be tempted to do a little splurging after seeing what products have launched.
Whether you're looking for something in particular or just feel like treating yourself to something new, there's something for everyone. This month is all about hair oils, concealers and fragrances. Get excited and keep scrolling to see which beauty products beauty editors over at POPSUGAR are drooling over and you'll be claiming yours in no time.

Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar Microrenewal Hydrating Mist

What I Say: It was only a matter of time before everyone's favorite beauty brand created a hydrating facial mist.
What Beauty Editor Says: 'Parched skin is rampant throughout Winter, so I'm loading up on all kinds of complexion potions, including this hydrating mist ($30). In addition to soothing and moisturizing properties, it also boasts glycolic and mandelic acids to tame greasy spots, so a few spritzes will render me dewy, not oily.'

Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Triceratops Multi-Face Palette

What I Say: It doesn't get much better than a 3 in 1 palette including a highlight, blush and contour. Talk about super easy to throw in your bag for a quick touch up throughout the day.
What Beauty Editor Says: 'I booked myself a tropical vacation in anticipation of the blizzard blues, and this contouring trio ($48) will be a definite staple in my beach beauty bag. Instead of a chiseled contour, the finely milled powders sweep on to create a natural highlight, blush, and sculpt. Each shade also doubles well as an eye shadow, making this set ideal for crafting no-makeup makeup looks for quick shopping excursions into the local town.' — Emily Orofino, assistant beauty editor

Moschino Fresh Couture Eau de Toilette

What I Say: Leave it up to Moschino to create a quirky, trendy and amazing smelling fragrance.
What Beauty Editor Says: 'No, this is not a window spray, it's actually a palm-sized fragrance that epitomizes fashion kitsch. Meet Moschino's Fresh Couture Eau de Toilette ($82)! The bottle lends a nod to the label's Spring/Summer 2016 "car-wash couture"-inspired collection. It's a fruity, clean scent that is super modern, including notes of mandarin, bergamot, raspberry, white peony, cedar wood, and patchouli. It's pretty damn clever, and you need it!' — LL

Leland Francis Luxe Body Oil

What I Say: In the cool winter months when your skin is extra dry, opting for something like a body oil instead of a moisturizer will lock in moisture while keeping your skin soft throughout the day.
What Beauty Editor Says: 'Nippy weather leaves my skin dry and lackluster, so I'm always in pursuit of the most moisturizing formulas to add them to my routine. I got my hands on this Luxe Body Oil ($52) from Leland Francis, and I'm considering this my Winter skin miracle. Its rich consistency and blend of argan, rosehip, and evening primrose oils make the driest skin feel healthy and nourished. Use it solo all over your body, or add a few drops to boost the hydrating properties of your favorite lotion. I especially like to use it at night after a long day and a hot shower. Even better, its subtly sexy floral fragrance and rich texture make it a Valentine's Day essential for a romantic massage with your significant other.' — AS

Kiehl's Turmeric and Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque

What I Say: If you love a good face mask than you will love this masque that contains both turmeric and cranberry which both have amazing benefits for the skin.
What Beauty Editor Says: 'My oily skin and I rarely turn down a good exfoliator, but when temperatures drop, I cut back on stripping scrubs and have masks do the work. This radiance-boosting potion ($32) is formulated with turmeric and cranberry extract to brighten, soothe, and exfoliate (thereby solving all of my skin care problems). You only need a thin layer of product to completely cover your face. Once the formula has dried, I wet my fingers and rub my skin in a circular motion to buff tiny cranberry seeds into my complexion for an extra dose of gentle exfoliation. After just 10 minutes (and plenty of funny mask selfies), my bare skin is softer to the touch and noticeably brighter.'
Aimee Simeon, editorial assistant

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Concealer Invisible Cover Concealer

What I Say: Because who doesn't need an amazing concealer in their life? Dark circles be gone!
What Beauty Editor Says: 'One of my biggest beauty problems is dark circles. Finally, there are more and more color-correcting products out there, and they are extremely user-friendly. Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Concealer Invisible Cover Concealers ($27 each) fall in this category. Start with a pink-toned concealer for darkness (inner-eye corners) and redness (zits), then follow with a shade that matches your complextion (dab it in a U shape under your eye and atop those blemishes). And blend away! An Instagram-ready face is yours in minutes.' — LL

What beauty products are you looking forward to this month?

What beauty products were you loving last month?
I want the Moschino perfume so badly. I have one of their phone cases and it looks like McDonalds fries. LOVE what Jeremy Scott has done with the brand.
@EasternShell I think it's important to correctly identify the problem under the eyes. There's dark circles, puffiness and also hollowness, which can give the dark circle look. For years I thought that my problem was dark circles, when in truth, it was hollowness. Every problem can be corrected, but unless you identify it correctly, you'll be wasting your time, money and become frustrated. For me, the answer to hollowness wasn't a beauty cream. It was getting fillers. The subcutaneous fat under the eyes is the first place to be depleted when we age. It begins in your late teens/early 20s. This is why, when you see people in Hollywood that look amazing as they age, it's typically someone that was VERY FULL in the face when younger, and have naturally hollowed out as they age. But if you're not very FULL when you're young, you can look gaunt, old and tired. Example: Kate Winslet and Gillian Anderson. Both were FULL and have hollowed out with age, yet look amazing. Not sure if that helps. If you know for certain that your issue is legit dark circles. I would recommend that you choose concealer with a yellow undertone to neutralize the purple color of the dark circles. Using a thin makeup brush and starting at the inner corner of the eye, where circles are darkest, gently dot the concealer along the under-eye area. Repeat with the other eye. Tip: Don't substitute foundation for concealer.
philosophy is one of my fav brand so definitely gonna give it a try. Don't understand why you pay 80+ for travel size perfume and they give you widow spray bottle? It may sound like fun but that just lazy design for me, plus I don't know how I'd feel when I go to ladies room, open my purse and start spraying myself with widow spray...
Ahhhh! I love thrift stores. You just gave me so much inspiration!!! 🤗😊
@jordanhamilton LOL they ARE that bad! They're a little better as an adult, but as a kid I looked like the possessed child from a horror movie. :P Hahaha! No ma'am! You aren't the only one. I like to put them where the sun can shine through the glass. :) I still have all of my pretty bottles! I save all of mine and I go to thrift stores and estate sales looking for 1st edition books, vintage perfume bottles, vintage scarves and clothes...things like that. ^_^
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