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AYYY Here is part 2 If you have not read part one TIS HERE
(Bell rings) You pack up and meet your friend at your locker. You both planned on having a sleepover despite it being a school night. As you were walking, Sombody bumped you. You ended up dropping your stuff and get thrown onto the floor. "Watch it!" You yelled as you looked at all your stuff scattered in the hallway. "AHH oh my gosh! I so sorry" he said. He bent down and helped you get your stuff together. "I didn't see" "It's fine.." You mumbled, keeping your eye down on the floor. "Just watch where you're going.." "Are you going to cry?" He got Down lower and looked at you. "What no! That's stupid" you huff looking away, picking up a book. "Good. I'm Taehyung! I'm so sorry for bumping into you. I have to go!" He smiled and handed you your stuff before getting up and running off. You sighed and got up off the floor. "What the heck was that?" You mumbled as you realized you kept your friend waiting too long.
"Hyung! Hyung!!" Tae ran to catch up. "Wait up!!" They all stopped and turned to look at him. "If you were on time we would of not left." Yoongi sighed. Tae caught his breath, telling them about how he ran into you and how stuff went everywhere, therefor that was why he was late. Namjoon shook his head. "I can't believe you ran into her. You gotta watch where your running man.." "I hope you didn't scare her.." Jin sighed. "Poor girl" Jimin laughed. "You should of got her name before you left" Jungkook nodded. "Yeah ya should of.." "At least he was a gentleman and helped her gather her stuff" Hobi added. "You helped her up right?" Jin added. Tae thought "No. I just wanted to catch up with you guys" Yoongi shook his head. "Your something else Taehyung.." The boys all laughed and continued to walk home.
Your friend was really mad that you were late. "what took you so long! Your so late!" She crossed her arms. You sighed as you opened your locker to grab something and put books away "One if those new kids bumped into me and sent my stuff flying everywhere." Suddenly your friend forgot she was mad and got really excited. "Oh my gosh! Really! Tell me the details. I need to know " "I will...when we get to my house" you laughed. She talked about her fight over the food in the cafe and how this one guy slipped on the wet floor (idk I would find that funny ??!) When you guys got to your house, you helped each other with homework. And ate food. Once it was getting darker you both settled down. Your friend looked you in the eye, waiting for your story. "What?!" You asked. She scooted closer. "Was he cute. What did his voice sound like? What color is his eyes?!" She giggled, asking pointless questions. You didn't even mention that you ate lunch with Jin so you just told her about Taehyung running into you. "The guy who bumped into me in the hallway was really weird. He thought I was crying because I bumped into him. He seemed like he was in a rush" you shrugged You friend grabbed your hands. You jumped "Y/n! This is like a korean drama. A bunch of Pretty men appear in front of you. But then you meet all of them in these mini moments. And one ends up being your lover while all of them fall in love with you then you loose a good friendship with them" she blushed. "Its so romantic" You pushed her hands off "this is reality. " you shook your head. "Yeah it's a coincidence that I ran into one of them..but like I don't know" you shrugged. "He didn't even help me up" you pouted" "Your so cute y/n" your friend giggled and tackled you
Once it was time for lights out, you both layed down and cuddled. "Y/n. " She mumbled quietly. "Yeah?" You mumble back. "Promise me you will stay my friend?" she sighed You blink. "Why are you asking that. Remember. Best friends forever" She smiled. "Yeah. Friends forever" she nuzzled the pillow. "Night" You sighed and stayed up a little bit, thinking about your day before falling asleep.
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