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Hey there! It's waifu wednesday, and since Valentine's Day is coming up, I thought it'd be fun to put up a card showcasing ways that you can celebrate Valentine's with your virtual waifu :P

Step 1: Buy some chocolate!

Step 2: Set up some devotions to your love (lol)

Step 3: Feed your love some chocolate!

Alternative: Have dinner together!

Maybe have some wine, too!

Or, read a book!

And if you're super confident, leave the house & go on a whimsical date!

And that's it! Have a perfect day with your waifu* on Valentine's Day :D

Tagging the previous WW participants ^^
*note: you may also spend V-day with your real waifu :P
My family would disown me 馃槼馃槀. I'll have to stick with just watching the anime that my waifu is in...
some people are super committed.
LMAO, well played good Sir lol
thats......that was just depressing....and honestly that would be me, but in my room reading and watching g the Yogscast ._.
he was reading the disappearance of haruhi XD speaking of which is there any anime/mangaish stories u guys know in book form
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