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WARNING : Mature, gang related content

"What was he doing that was getting worse?"

"He was abusing Youngjae. Verbally, physically; he was just letting him have it whenever he had the chance. Only one person ever saw Himchan angry, that was Youngjae. No one else ever saw it before he snapped, we'd only see the aftermath."

"Why didn't he say anything to Sungmin? Wouldn't that have helped?"

"This is where the plan gets a little messed up. We knew. Youngjae eventually told us what was happening. We couldn't do anything though, so we told him about the plan. He was so hurt and upset, he felt used."

"He was used. I don't blame him for being upset."

"Neither did we. But he's a smart kid. He knew he had to keep going. He was angry with his brother, but he was angrier at Himchan. Unfortunately, now that he knew what was going on, he started trying to expedite the process of ridding the gang of Himchan."

"Expedite? How?"

"Instead of just continuing to do what he was, unknowingly chipping away at Himchan’s confidence, he started provoking him."


Youngjae and Himchan are in the middle of another long night of discussing current opportunities for the gang.

As Himchan finishes his proposal of what he considers an excellent idea, Youngjae looks away, letting a snide smirk creep across his face.

He sighs. "Himchannie your once sharp mind has truly dulled."

Himchan reaches out and latches onto his collar. "What the did you just say to me?"

"Then again, maybe it was never all that sharp. I respected you when I first came here. You were doing well, but you clearly lost focus when I got involved in your work."

"You shut your mouth you insubordinate little shit!" Himchan is seeing red. Why is this kid not backing down like he usually does? He never goes this far.

"Your business sense has become muddled and I'm getting tired of listening to your incoherent ramblings. You think you're so smart, but you're not even smart enough to see how far your abilities have fallen."

Himchan punches Youngjae and throws him to the ground. "Who the hell do you think you are! You can't speak to me like that!"

Youngjae sits up and looks Himchan in the eyes, the falsified cocky smirk that's hiding his fear is unwavering on his face. "Your reign is over. I'm the better choice and it's only a matter of time before you're tossed aside. I do hope you're still intelligent enough to realize the bitter reality that awaits you if you stay."

Himchan is dumbfounded, but that quickly changes to fury. He proceeds to kick Youngjae across the face, causing him to once again hit the floor. He continues to kick his body in various places in hopes that it will shut him up.

However, Youngjae refuses to stop shouting, "Just leave! You're not needed anymore! You're not what you used to be!"

Himchan has lost his senses, he's in a blind rage and all he wants is for this brat to stop talking and for himself to be back on top. He desperately wants him to leave.

He lifts Youngjae up by his collar and pins him to a wall, his voice is a savage growl, "Where do you get off! Do you honestly think you can get away with treating me like this! As if I'll just let it slide!"

Youngjae, partially delirious, decides to spit the blood filling his mouth in Himchan’s face. His mouth curves into a mocking grin. "I wouldn't dream of it, Him-chan-nie."

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