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I saw a Facebook status this morning about how all men are born to cheat -- as if it's something instinctual. Supposedly, the status was regarding a study a doctor had done. I am not sure the specifics, but it sparked a discussion.
There were definitely a lot of different answers.

I wonder what the Lovebugs think about this?

Someone, somewhere, misread the study. It found that cheating appears to be hereditary, but not that "all men are born to cheat". This proclivity to infidelity appears to be caused by a mutation in a receptor gene. However, the authors of the study admitted that it's findings were inconclusive, and that further study is required.
Thanks for clearing up the misconceptions @BeannachtOraibh. Exactly as you said – the study is about whether there's a genetic/evolutionary component to infidelity. But a lot of their findings come from studying animals. And I mean, come on people – we're evolved past that. We have the powers of reason and refined decision making tools to keep us from just blindly following our instincts, genetic predisposition or no.
License to thrill I suppose. But @buddyesd is right. both genders are prone to cheat. I think it depends on the person and not an entire gender. That's like some random study claiming that all women bash men. and we know that's certainly not true. (wink wink)
Now, if we think about this from an evolutionary stand point, most animals' instincts are hardwired to reproduce with as many mates as possible so that thier bloodline can outlast the competition. This includes females and applies to humans. However, social psychology in humans (and some other social animals like chimps) gives us multiple "love" signals. There's sexual "love" which is the most primal of "love" instincts and was made to spread your bloodline farther. There's parental and love, which leaves both males and females with the urge to take care of thier offspring until adulthood (or sometimes teenage-hood lol) so that the offspring has the social and intellectual advantages of learning from elders from birth. And then there's "link love" which is a purely human love that takes place between couples so that they can stay together long enough to raise multiple children among each other, instead of constantly switching mates.
honestly its something that's not gender specific
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