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Haven't been on for sometime, but what's your guys' favorite character from black butler? And why? Comment if you'd like ((:
Well for starters, I'm all about Mey-Rin ! Although being a clumsy maid, she's got such a caring heart and she's such a funny character.
Not to mention she's even one bad ass of a sniper!! and who'd have thought (though it was fairly obvious) that she'd look so good with out her glasses!
I have to say, Black Butler is by far my favorite besides Fairytail, etc. Both the manga and anime are so fun and it never gets a tad boring!
Hope to hear to all your thoughts, see you next time (:
You are so right! Prince Soma is just adorable! Not to mention Agni as well @KohakuKurosawa
I really love Ciel! I'm not sure I can really explain why, though. I also love Soma because he's just so freaking adorable! And, I have to say, that the way they portrayed Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was awesome! I love him because I can relate to him so much! I could actually keep going, but I wouldn't want to overwhelm anyone. So, there's my top 3!
rolling up with squad like in the first pic