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Aw Kookie! that's so sweet!
That's okay RapMon. I know you guys have a crazy schedule :)
It'd at least earn you a kiss on the cheek Hobi
Aw Jimin! you're so sweet! I love stuffed animals!
*ahem* Um Jin oppa......I would love that.......are you gonna cook? Cause I'm hungry.....
Kookie! You're too young for that! You're gonna get a massive hangover! It's okay though. Noona will take care of you :)
I am 200% okay with this. So happy. I'd be over the moon, on cloud 9 kinda happy.
My ultimate bias as my valentine. Be still my fangirl heart.
this is too cute πŸ˜‚
awww sweet jimin 😊😊😊...freaking jin πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚...and suga 😏😏😏😏
So cute.