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So my birthday is a week from today, and I'm working, which is a bit crummy but could be worse. I'm hoping for my bungle friends to help me make work a bit more bearable.

Here's what I'm hoping for:

I know it's difficult to pick, but I'd like everyone to pick one or two of their favorite k-pop songs, and I'm gonna make myself a feel-good I'm awesome birthday playlist. If you'd like I can make it available for you to find on 8track or Spotify or just post them here. :3

So! Thank you in advance! Feel free to tag people, etc. I'd love to have all kinds of music in my playlist. :)

@jiggzy19 @aabxo @kpopandkimchi @PassTheSuga @poojas @KpopMilira @RobertMarsh you guys all love music...perhaps you can help out a little here? :D
맞아요 @MattK95
@RobertMarsh very true, they both deserve so much more attention
they are both amazing, fun, and WAY under-recognized...I love them both
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