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So the big game was yesterday, and as always there were some spectacular moments. Big plays, half-time and celebrity spottings aside, yesterday was about two things: America and Football.
So let's revisit some of the best cultural moments from Super Bowl 50, hosted in Santa Clara, CA.

Gaga's Phenomenal Anthem

Seriously, people were unaware that Lady Gaga has an incredible voice. Yes, she's a pop superstar, entertainer and all around renaissance person, but her first love is music, and those pipes SLAYED the National Anthem. Can't wait for her new record!

Jonathan Stewart's Epic Dive

There has never been a more stylish and high-flying one yard play. This was my favorite football moment. Seriously, when this happened, everyone at the little sports bar was screaming, even if they weren't rooting for the Panthers.

Beyonce's "Formation" World Tour Announcement

Only someone as big as Beyonce would use the Super Bowl as the platform for her tour announcement. Honestly, this was so badass. Take your ball and go home boys.

Chris Martin's Gravity Defying Moves

People are giving Coldplay a lot of shit because Bruno and Beyonce upstaged them, but seriously, they put on a good show. Chris Martin owned that stage, and any respectable rock fan would definitely notice that.

Beyonce and Bruno's Epic Dance Battle

With Beyonce's subtle nod to Michael Jackson (note the outfit) and Bruno's funky moves accompanied by Mark Ronson on the turn tables, Super Bowl 50 turned into an ultra cool dance battle.

Squad Goals

Seriously though, these three slayed.

This Epic Statement

The incredible half time show concluded with a flurry of color and an epic statement: "Believe in Love". Slatted as a tribute to all the half-time performers of the past, the 50th show was definitely a tear-jerker. Especially at the end, when Beyonce, Bruno and Coldplay played "Fix You". Amazing show.

These Plays

It would have been too hard to pick out all the plays I thought were great, so I just let someone else do it. From key fumbles to epic kicks, here are the hi-lights from the big game.

Manning's Win

Peyton Manning has always been a class act. And with yet another Super Bowl win he showed that his wisdom and experience on the field is a huge asset. As for the retirement rumors, there isn't a definitive answer, but going out on top wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.

Newton Walks Out

Post- Super Bowl press conferences aren't easy if you're coping with a loss. Many people criticized Newton for being unprofessional, but if you really watched the game you'd notice all the bad calls, the challenges and the flags against Carolina. I wouldn't be happy either. Leave the guy alone.
Right. I agree, people were saying it wasn't unlike what Peyton did a few years back after losing, walking off the field without shaking hands. With age comes wisdom I guess! @christianmordi @mchlyang do you guys have any opinions about this?
@TessStevens..Cam needs to learn how to be gracious in victory as well as defeat..walking off is unprofessional...